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Pop! Lights and Sounds R2-D2

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Celebrate the most stellar fandom of them all with Pop! Lights and Sounds R2-D2.

This loveable droid is rolling out in style with light-up features and familiar sounds. Press the top of the bobblehead to bring Artoo to life! This exclusive drops on Funko.com at 9:30 AM PT and will soon be available at Funko Flagship Stores.
A galactic pilot is only as good as his astromech sidekick! Celebrate the most stellar fandom of them all with the Funko exclusive Pop! Lights and Sounds R2-D2™. This loveable droid is rolling out in style with light-up features and familiar sounds. Press the top of the bobblehead to bring Artoo to life! What misadventures will he get up to in your Star Wars™ collection? Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 4-inches tall.

May the 4th - Pop! Mega Darth Vader

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Feel a stellar pull towards the Funko exclusive Pop! Mega Darth Vader from Star Wars™. An entire galaxy of adventures awaits! Bring home all the adventures by uniting all your favorite characters from memorable movie and television series moments. Celebrate the most stellar fandom of them all. Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 18-inches tall.

This Mega Pop! drops atr 9:30 AM PT time today.

Order here HERE

POP! Lights and Sounds Optimus Prime

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Transform your collection with the exclusive, Lights and Sounds Pop! Optimus Prime! This leader of the Autobots™ has shifted out his semitruck disguise and is ready to defend humanity from the Decepticons™. There will be more to your Transformers™ collection than meets the eye with this honorable robot as he gears up for action in your home. Vinyl figure is approximately 5.65-inches tall.

Optimus Prime speaks two phrases:

"More than meets the eye!"
"Autobots roll out!"

This exclusive POP! will be available today at 9:30 PT. You can buy it HERE

New Exclusive Ad Icons Pop! Julius Pringles

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Bring home one of your favorite snack icons with Funko exclusive Pop! Julius Pringles!

This mustachioed mascot has brought a can of Pringles® potato chips to share with you and the rest of your Ad Icons collection! Vinyl figure is approximately 4.15-inches tall.

Buy it HERE

Top Rarest Funko Pops

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Unless you have been living under a rock; within a cave in the deepest reaches of the desert or maybe up a ladder, you will know all about Funko Pops and their growing popularity. The pop-culture scene is awash with a plethora of these colorful and often accurately represented figurines (or ‘statuettes’, to their friends).

You will also be aware that with such a vast range of products, some Funko Pop figures could set you back fortunes. Have you got a Funko in your collection with a nice price tag attached? In the following article, I will go over the rarest, most valuable Funko Pop figures on the market; you may just be sat upon a gold mine.

Superman – Metallic Chase​

These bobbleheads have a metallic finish that really adds to their ‘wow factor’. The Superman (Metallic Chase) figurine came crashing into this world (like Superman) as a Target exclusive. If you managed to snap one of these up during the...​

Now Available: Spock w/ Cat Pop!

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Spock w/ Cat Pop! is now available only on Funko.com and coming soon to Funko Flagship Stores. Add this Funko Exclusive to your Star Trek: Original Series collection today

Buy Now at Funko.com

Counterfeit Funko Pops - Most Counterfeited Products and what to look for

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The Most Counterfeited Funko Pops

Since Funko launched the Pop Vinyl range a little over a decade ago, they amassed an overwhelming following and have become one of the most collectible items to date. It doesn’t take much scrutiny to see where how this has been achieved over the last ten years; the answer is having such a broad and eclectic range. One that continues to grow with each and every passing day.

Herein lies the issue. The problem with having so many products flying off the shelves (physical and digital alike) is that it opens up an abundance of opportunities for the less scrupulous of actors on the scene, filling online store fronts with 3D-printed forgeries.

Which Lines to Watch out for​

To avoid the scammer, you need to think like a scammer. If you were to fake a product, what would you counterfeit? The logical answer here is, of course, the most popular. With this in mind, if you’re looking to buy anything...

New Pokémon Funko Pops

Pop! Sanrio: Gudetama X Nissin Top Ramen. Preorder These Eggspecially Awesome Pops!

First Look: Hot Topic Exclusive Limited Edition 5000 PCS Platinum Notorious B.I.G. with Champagne

Coming Soon: Pop! Ad Icons: Pan Am.your Pop! Collection Is Sure To Take Flight With These New Additions Preorder The Pan Am Stewardesses Now!

Coming Soon: Pop! Game Cover Sonic The Hedgehog 2 And Eb Games Exclusive. Preorder This Classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Game Cover Now

The Future of Funko

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With the POPularity of Funko products today, it’s clear to see that the future is prosperous for the ever-growing company. But what will become of Funko; what will the company do to stay at the top of the game? After all, the competition is immense.

What Funko will need to do​

The obvious route that Funko will be wanting to take is to continue launching lines pertaining to current trends. Without staying on top of what’s hot and what’s not, Funko will likely become just another passing trend. However, it doesn’t take extensive research to know that Funko has this particular card marked. Currently, Funko is dominating all of the trending TV shows and games to a point where you will struggle to find a popular character that’s not yet been funkocised.

Having such a capable research and development team is likely the key to Funko’s ever-growing...​

Space Jam: A New Legacy Funko collection

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It's time to pick your team, hit the court, and save the day with the Space Jam: A New Legacy Funko collection! Pre-order your favorites now! Space Jam: A New Legacy Funko collection


The History of Funko

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The History of Funko Pops

It was one fateful day in 1998 when creator Mike Becker had an idea, an idea that was to go on to become one of the most collectable items today; the Funko Pop. The original idea was the launching of a company going by the name of Wacky Wobblers. These were nothing like the POP Vinyl figures we know and love today, but simple creations depicting nostalgic characters. The very first figurine made, and what gave legs to the huge craze sweeping the world today, was the Big Boy bobblehead. Wacky Wobblers also featured the cast of The Big Bang Theory, The Flintstones and Looney Tunes.

One Product to Change it all​

In 2005 Brian Mariotti became the CEO of Funko and as his first action in his position of power, he launched a new line which he coined ‘Fantastik Plastik’. Despite his evident lack of grammatical prowess, these figures went on to do...​

Funkoween 2021: Pop! Movies- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Leatherface. Pre-order now!

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Pre-order links:


Entertainment Earth

New Round of Leaks Including Black Clover, New Naruto, Boruto and AOT Pops

Funkoween 2021: Pop! Movies - They Live with Chase. Pre-order now!

Funkoween 2021: Pop! Marvel.Zombie Thor Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Red Hulk Hot Topic Exclusive

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Funkoween 2021: Pop! Marvel. Preorder Zombie Thor Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Red Hulk Is Available Online Tonight And Hot Topic Stores Starting Tomorrow!

Pre Order Links:

Zombie Thor Entertainment Earth

Red Hulk Hot Topic Exclusive

First look at La Llorona with Chase

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