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  • Shiek
    I have seen some people that get into toys because they were inspired by others who are into toys collection. It's actually a very...
  • Dori
    Dori replied to the thread Disinfecting your toys.
    I had to boil some of my siblings toys. The one's that can withstand hot water goes over and get well treated in hot water. I would...
  • Mimi
    Mimi posted the thread My SCARFACE FUNKO POP in Pop!.
    So, I have been a fan of Scarface right from my childhood. I bumped into its Funko Pop yesterday in the shopping centre and I couldn't...
    • images - 2023-01-31T204559.518.jpeg
  • Igba
    Do you like any Final Fantasy FUNKO POP characters? Which one is your favorite and why do you like him or her? My favourite would be...
  • Zuby
    Zuby replied to the thread Toys.
    Kids will always behave like kids until they are taught how to take care of their own mess. If you don't, he's going to keep behaving...
  • Bumble
    Bumble replied to the thread Toys vs Video Games.
    As a kid if this two options were presented to me, I would have easily chosen toys over playing video games. But now as an adult, it's...
  • Asaba
    I have come to understand that some people will always like to add controversy in just about everything. Toys are what a child plays...
  • Shiek
    Shiek replied to the thread Is anyone into cuddly toys?.
    Maybe when I used to be younger, I enjoy cuddle a lot and it's why I probably had big teddy bear. But it's not something that I like...
  • L
    laura22 posted the thread Number question in Pop!.
    So the majority of my collection are the Harry Potter pops, and I have this quidditch World Cup 3 pack that isn't numbered in any of the...
  • Catra
    Next up we have: Funko Pop! Television The Simpsons: Marjora #1202 Asking Price: $12 USD Will take reasonable offer. Photos:
    • 9B5CE75E-DD29-4ECA-8884-8C4E5FA65AC9.jpeg
    • 48CD168A-EAF3-4345-94D3-28C8F2EF9D36.jpeg
    • 8AB9C8C8-5726-4F24-9292-E56A474DFAB4.jpeg
    • 94612AE6-14E5-47C2-8D67-221ECCB751D2.jpeg
    • F49D31E3-5F5D-4C53-A5DA-966A6AB6F8E5.jpeg
    • 6E4AEDE5-CB5A-43EE-A157-374D02A199D3.jpeg
  • Catra
    1st up we have: Funko Pop! Lady Loki # 1029 - Pop In A Box Exclusive - NIB Asking Price: $25 USD Will take reasonable offer. Photos
    • D917EF53-C770-464E-A882-8BA621A3EA95.jpeg
    • 2F2EB06A-0601-4C8E-BA17-3FC3307A6DEC.jpeg
    • DF8A856B-804E-4CE2-9630-D97B4B5947A0.jpeg
    • 54006866-AB14-4FD5-87F6-F4EA0D57F9D7.jpeg
    • 3B806529-8F59-4FAA-AAD2-3AE39F515ECC.jpeg
    • C7043534-CABC-4ED7-B0E2-BBEEF3F0B47C.jpeg
  • Catra
    Catra posted the thread Catra’s Intro in Introductions.
    Hello everyone, The names Catra, I am in Louisiana, USA and I have about 20 Funko POPs.
  • Catra
    I will be posting the Pops I have for sale in this thread! Email: admin@she-ra.network or reply for more info.
  • J
    Antone know where to buy or have one they want to sell?
  • I
    Inganni posted the thread What to buy? in Pop!.
    Hello! I’m very new to this and have just started to collect. Now I’m wondering which ones to go for in order to build a collection of...
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