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  • Asaba
    It will actually be very difficult for me to stay 24 hours without having to make use of my smartphone but it is not impossible for me...
  • Asaba
    Asaba replied to the thread Making your own Toys..
    It is more expensive for me to try and start making my own toys which is the reason why I prefer having to order anything I want about...
  • Asaba
    Asaba replied to the thread Pillow or No Pillow for Sleeping?.
    There was a reason why pillows were invented because if they weren't useful, I don't think any company going to invent them to begin...
  • Asaba
    Asaba replied to the thread Disinfecting your toys.
    Most kids are always fond of putting everything they play with into their mouth which is why it is very important for you to disinfect...
  • L
    Loux posted the thread Is it original? in Pop!.
    Hi, can someone tell me if it’s original figure? I get an offer to buy it from second hand and I’m not sure. The offered price is low...
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  • Bumble
    Toys are play things for me when I was a kid. I liked them so much. I wouldn't call them anything of motivation but something that I...
  • Bumble
    I'm not actually picky with the toys of my kids. They kid's toys are choosen by them. Whatever they like and want is what I buy for them...
  • Igba
    Igba replied to the thread Do you use Funko Pop Keychain?.
    I've seen these kind of funko pop keychains but they don't interest me in any way to buy them. I make use of my car key holder. It looks...
  • Igba
    Igba replied to the thread What's your favorite beer?.
    BrewDog and Strongbow Fuller is my favourite beer brand. They are one of best beer brand in UK. I'm also a fan of Heineken.
  • Frost
    Frost replied to the thread Do you like to unwind?.
    As far as I'm concerned, a human being is supposed to unwind from so many things that have been going on in their lives because this is...
  • Frost
    Frost replied to the thread Do you like to buy toys online?.
    I love buying everything online. It's only when I cannot be able to find whatever I want to buy online that I will be pushed to see if...
  • Frost
    Frost replied to the thread Kids and Toys - Being Safe.
    My kids are always looked after by their nanny and she always make sure that each and every one of the funko toys they have played with...
  • Frost
    Expensive funko toys doesn't mean it is original. This is the reason why I don't look at the expensive toys to be the best one for me to...
  • Frost
    Frost replied to the thread Making Your Own Toys.
    I've used 3D printing to make a few toys for myself and my dogs too. I love creative toys which I can't get exactly what I want from the...
  • Shiek
    Shiek replied to the thread The Toy Replacements.
    Video games is my biggest replacement for toys. It's in fact what pushed me away from using toys. I became so addicted to video games...
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