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funko pops

  1. Shortie

    What's your favourite Pop in your collection?

    Collecting Funko Pops is a hobby that can become quite addictive, many people have huge collections of Funko Pops but in most cases, they always have a favourite or have favourites when it comes to their Funko Pop collection. Out of all the Funko Pops in your collection, which would you say...
  2. goodfindtoys

    Has anyone tried Goodfind Toys for Funko Pops?

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone in this forum has purchased Funko Pops from our online toy store Goodfind Toys before? We're looking at making improvements to better support collectors, so I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are. Thanks!
  3. Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark Chase).png

    Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark Chase).png

    Worth a staggering $13,500 USD, Alex from A Clockwork Orange has a price almost as crazy as himself. This is the rarest Funko Pop.
  4. E

    Counterfeit Funko Pops - Most Counterfeited Products and what to look for

    The Most Counterfeited Funko Pops Since Funko launched the Pop Vinyl range a little over a decade ago, they amassed an overwhelming following and have become one of the most collectible items to date. It doesn’t take much scrutiny to see where how this has been achieved over the last ten...
  5. Funko Pop collection

    Funko Pop collection

    A nice example of a decent Funko Pop collection
  6. Orange is the new Black Funkos

    Orange is the new Black Funkos

    A few of the many Orange is the New Black Funko Pops. Funko seem to cover just about every single base.
  7. plas2.jpg


    Funko offers a vast range of different Funko Pop characters. The diverse collection is the appeal for many.
  8. Trader Grim - Fantastik Plastik

    Trader Grim - Fantastik Plastik

    Trader Grim, one of the most popular figurines from the Fantastik Plastik range
  9. Foxy Bananas

    How many Funko Pops do you have at this time?

    I currently have about 500 Funko pops but we add about 5 funko pops a week, depending on sales, ebay winning and mystery boxes.
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