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funko pops

  1. Funko Pop collection

    Funko Pop collection

    A nice example of a decent Funko Pop collection
  2. Orange is the new Black Funkos

    Orange is the new Black Funkos

    A few of the many Orange is the New Black Funko Pops. Funko seem to cover just about every single base.
  3. plas2.jpg


    Funko offers a vast range of different Funko Pop characters. The diverse collection is the appeal for many.
  4. Trader Grim - Fantastik Plastik

    Trader Grim - Fantastik Plastik

    Trader Grim, one of the most popular figurines from the Fantastik Plastik range
  5. Foxy Bananas

    How many Funko Pops do you have at this time?

    I currently have about 500 Funko pops but we add about 5 funko pops a week, depending on sales, ebay winning and mystery boxes.
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