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Pop Hard Case Review

Funko Pops seem to have come from nowhere and their popularity is spreading like wildfire. With just about any character imaginable available in Funko Pop awesomeness, it’s easy to see why these massively collectible figurines are so popular. Having such an eclectic and expansive range of characters means that there’s a Funko Pop out there for everybody, thereby explaining the boom of these adorable collectibles.

Always use Protection​

Due to Funko Pops being so diverse in range and collectible, there’s always the chance that one that you own could quite possibly become highly valuable as the years pass by. With the idea of future fortunes, protection is what immediately springs to mind. Well, dear reader, this is where Pophardcase.com come in to play and save the day.

PopHardCase.com is a small, American, family ran business that recognized the issue and came up with the perfect solution, Funko Pop display boxes. Their growing success is owed to their coveted product alongside their fastidious drive, determination and business prowess.

The Cases​

With a few Funko Pops that we didn’t want to end up subject to our beloved pops showing the marks of time and, in turn, losing their potential value. Throwing caution to the wind, we ordered 8 pieces and are overall delighted with the quality and function of these stylish, stackable cases.

Build Quality​

The cases feel significantly thicker and sturdier than we first imagined. It’s clear that there was no cutting of corners on material cost, effort or craftsmanship. They are completely clear and the ones we received were free of blemishes, chips or scratches. You don’t have to look closely to know that this family has quality at the forefront of their mind and take exceptional pride in their work.


The cases are perfect in size and allow your Funko Pop a snug fit. Furthermore, there is just enough space to fit any documentation such as leaflets or autographs once your Funko Pop is safely in the case. Pop Hard Cases also come with a lid that fits snuggly atop stopping any damaging air getting to your prized figurine.

Another notable feature is their “stackability”. One case perfectly stacks upon the other, allowing for a clean and aesthetic arrangement to display your Funko Pops. We tested this with the eight pieces available to us and saw no signs of wobbling or instability. To hazard a guess, I would say you could stack around fifteen to twenty without compromising the structural integrity of your Funko Pop tower.


Admittedly, it did take a little while for our cases to arrive, in comparison to the next-day drop off seen with larger companies such as Amazon. However, after contacting them we received an email from them that was full of sincere apology and displayed their professionalism perfectly. The email explained that the delay was due to them only being a small, family-ran business and that the delay was due to an increase in demand that caused a temporary backlog. The email felt personal and sincere and heartfelt and that’s commendable.


Our eight units cost just shy of $60, giving them a value of $7.50 USD per case. Even as display pieces to keep your collection easy-on-the-eye and tidy, $7.50 USD per case is a great value for money. When you add the fact that they will protect potential goldmines, it’s even better. The price tag really is low considering the quality and functionality surrounding protecting your Funko Pops in a way that will keep them pristine for decades, adding to their worth as the hands of time tick on by.
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