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Everything Funko Pop!

Funkoween 2021: Pop! Television The Walking Dead.

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Another set of releases for Funkoween 2021, Pop! Television The Walking Dead.

Coming Soon: Pop! Disney: Disney Treasures Artist Series Donald Duck Amazon Exclusive

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Preorder The Fourth In The Series Now! Stay Tuned For More Announcements Coming Later This Year!

Purchase HERE

Funko Pop! Mandalorian Set

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Here is the the complete set of the new Mandalorian Funkos!

Pop! Animation: One Piece

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Coming Soon: Pop! Animation: One Piece. Preorder And Add To Your Collection Today!

Coming Soon: Pop! Animation: Sword Art Online

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The Expanded Sao Series Is Here With All New Pops! Featuring Your Favorites Like Kirito Asuna And Leafa.

Coming Soon: Pop! Rocks: Yungblud Preorder This Pop! Inspired By An Iconic Look From The Cotton Candy Music Video Now! Purchase Links

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Preorder Pop! Rocks: Yungblud Inspired By An Iconic Look From The Cotton Candy Music Video Now!


Leak: Funko Pop! Fullmetal Alchemist Lust #898

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Leak Confirmed! Funko Pop! Fullmetal Alchemist Lust #898

40 Year Old Virgin Pop!

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Here is a closer look at Funko's 40 Year Old Virgin Pop!

Coming Soon - Venom: Let There Be Carnage Funko POP!

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Funko is releasing 2 new Venom: Let There Be Carnage Pop's in addition to their Jumbo Sized Walmart Exclusive.

These are due out in August, and can be pre-ordered now at the following online locations:

Pop Hard Case Review

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Funko Pops seem to have come from nowhere and their popularity is spreading like wildfire. With just about any character imaginable available in Funko Pop awesomeness, it’s easy to see why these massively collectible figurines are so popular. Having such an eclectic and expansive range of characters means that there’s a Funko Pop out there for everybody, thereby explaining the boom of these adorable collectibles.

Always use Protection​

Due to Funko Pops being so diverse in range and collectible, there’s always the chance that one that you own could quite possibly become highly valuable as the years pass by. With the idea of future fortunes, protection is what immediately springs to mind. Well, dear reader, this is where Pophardcase.com come in to play and save the day.

PopHardCase.com is a small, American, family ran business that recognized the issue and came up with the perfect solution, Funko Pop display...

Coming Soon: The Lost Boys Pop!

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Garlic don’t work boys.

There’s a beach town in California where you never have to grow old, the vampires don’t sparkle but wear plenty of leather and holy water is a must-have when leaving the house. The cult classic ‘80s-tastic The Lost Boys adventure continues with a series of Pop! Movies collectibles. Pop!

Sam and Michael are just two brothers trying to find their way in a new town, but they show surprising grit in the face of a leather-clad vampire gang.

Coming in July!

Coming Soon: Pop! Royals!

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To celebrate the recent royal wedding between The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Funko is expanding the Pop! Royals line. New additions to the British Royals Pop! line include The Duke and Duchess of Sussex holding hands in their wedding attire and Queen Elizabeth II adorned in the outfit she wore to the Royal Wedding.

These products are our fun characterization of the icons they represent, but they have not been endorsed or approved by any member of the Royal Family. They do not have any connection with and are not of a type supplied to any member of the Royal Family.

Coming this Fall!

Coming Soon: Jumping Mega Man Pop!

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“Mega Man has ended the evil domination of Dr. Wily …”

Defeat the Robot Masters with this new Mega Man Pop! vinyl figure, depicted leaping into action armed with his Mega Buster. No Mega Man collection is complete without the titular hero, also known by the alias Blue Bomber. Embodying courage, a passion for justice and restraint when dealing with his enemies, Mega Man is a credit to his creators, Dr. Light and Capcom, and is extremely unlikely to cause any brawls among your collection.

Specialty Series: Wolfman Pop!

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Every store deserves an amazing Funko exclusive!

In an effort to recognize our most special accounts and loyal retailers, Funko is continuing our Specialty Series. Every month, we’ll be announcing an exclusive – this Month includes a Pop!

Why is it so special? You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic book shops and from qualified online Retailers.
This is your chance to help support local businesses and smaller retailers, and you’ll pick up an amazing exclusive item in the process!

Our latest exclusives is a Wolfman Pop!

Remember, this Pop! is exclusive to the Specialty Series.So pay a visit to your favorite specialty store or your local comic book shop and let them know to order the Specialty Series from Funko.Keep following Funko and subscribe to our newsletter to find out about next month’s Specialty Series exclusives!

Pop! Disney: Nightmare Before Christmas - Wolfman


Leak: Ad Icons Dig Em Frog #42

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Ad Icons Dig Em Frog #42 might go live for Pro-Order today. Rumor has it at Noon EST

Metallic Megazord Image

2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Saga!

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Pop! Comics: Saga – Mourning Prince Robot IV
Prince Robot IV isn’t his usual colorful self, he’s in mourning in his grayscale uniform and cracked screen.

2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Cuphead & Street Fighter!

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Pop! Games: Cuphead - Cagney Carnation
You’re up! It’s a good day for a swell battle! Get ready for Cagney Carnation! Be careful, this flower has thorns!

Pop! Tees: Street Fighter II (1000pc LE)
This limited edition Street Fighter II t-shirt comes in arcade style packaging!

2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: DC!

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Rock Candy: DC Bombshells – Poison Ivy
DC Bombshells’ Pamela Ysley is now a Rock Candy!

Dorbz: DC Comics – Ace & Krypto 2-pack (2000pc LE)
Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Superdog are here to save the day!

Pop! Heroes: Emerald Chrome Batman (1500pc LE)
In honor of the Emerald City, it’s an emerald chrome variant of Batman!

2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: TV - Game of Thrones, Stranger Things & Doctor Who!

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Game of Thrones®

Funko is proud to announce the latest 6-inch Game of Thrones Pop! is coming to Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

Pop! Television: Game of Thrones - 6" Giant Wight
The mysterious Giant Wight is ready for battle!

Stranger Things

Stream both seasons of Stranger Things now on Netflix!

Pop! 8-Bit: Stranger Things - Barb
Barb from Stranger Things gets justice as an 8-Bit Pop! for ECCC!

Doctor Who

Funko is bringing a beloved companion to Emerald City Comic Con!

Pop! TV: Doctor Who - Amy Pond
Doctor Who fans rejoice! The beloved companion Amy Pond is joining the Pop! world!

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