Will there be a Disney Dorbz S2?

I have all of Season one of the Disney Dorbz and I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about season 2 possibly coming out. Disney has so many great characters from so many fandoms that they really can do a ton of seasons and never run out of new Dorbz!
Well let's just hope that they keep on coming. I cannot say that I have heard anything specific about a season 2, but I would say that there is a good chance that it is coming. I am sure that Disney can stay quite busy if they need to think of characters to come up to feature, and it makes to curious to see some kind of numbers about how many characters they have created. Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
I agree with rz3300 that there will be a pretty high chance of them coming! Disney is a very popular and big company, there wouldn't be much of a reason for there not to be a S2! There are constantly new characters, movies and shows coming out that, in fact, I don't see why they would even stop at a S3 or 4!
The second wave of Disney Dorbz isn’t too far behind actually. Beast and both yellow dress & peasant Belle will be available,
also the little mermaid Ariel and villain Ursula, also you can now celebrate your unbirthday with Alice & Mad Hatter, with the Queen of Hearts looking forward to see heads rolling. I'm aware that also princesses will come with dress sets and everything. Is quite promising this new season of dorbz figurines.


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disney production is one of my favorite movie to watch and to have a toys on it since my childhood days i love there creativity. and dorbz is the most favorite disney type of my younger sister.
Wow! I also heard of the upcoming season 2. From the wide range of Disney characters, they can have all the seasons they want. What are the characters for season 2? Really can't wait.... when I heard of this possibility, I was so excited like a kid.