Which figurine is the most expencive you've got?

I have been thinking about the figurine prices. Some of them are so expensive for me and I think I will never be able to afford them. The priciest figurine I own was 20 dollars. How much money are you able to give for your favorite buddies?
I have a personal limit of 25 dollars on the figurines that I buy. Even if I love the character I'll skip on it if it's more than 25 dollars. It's a way to prevent me from spending too much on the stuff, because if I go over my limit just one time, I'll just be tempted to buy more expensive ones as well in the future.


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do you have a figurine like this. If you have from how much will it cost a Rachel green figurine. I hope someone who know how much will it cost. because I really have to one of this