Is anyone into cuddly toys?


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Me, being an adult man, am not, and maybe shouldn't be :), but I am sure others enjoy it. Anyway, do you feel I'm off-base here? Nonetheless, I had a teddy bear as a child.
I love cuddly toys! I have a bunch of them in my room and in my bed. I sleep with them and hug them when I got to sleep. I first received a cuddly toy when I was 3 years old, it was a large teddy bear and it was 3x longer than me. I remember feeling very lover when I received it.
Yes, I used to love cuddly toys when I was a kid, I had several teddy bears I would be hugging while I sleep. However, most of my cuddly toys right now are just on display, I still take them out to clean them but I don't sleep with them anymore lol. Still, they haven't lost their value for me.
I enjoy cuddly toys. My room is filled with different teddy bears, and stuffed animals. I love how I can hug them during the noght when my husband is on duty for work. Thet are so cuddly and makes me feel so comfortable.
I love cuddly toys!!! I love how they make you feel safe, especially the big ones. Specifically, I love stuffed animals. My favorite ones, a unicorn and a panda stuffed toy. Hugging a cuddly stuff chases away my anxiety and I feel happy once again. Also, cuddly toys will take hugs of the greatest amount of intensity and length without tapping your back because they are gasping for air. They also last long and are easy to clean. I just love cuddly toys.
I'm not, but my sister is. She likes stuffed toys and she has a lot of it. For me on the other hand like easy to maintain dolls and figures. I do not like things that accumulate dusts coz' I am allergic to it. Back to my sister, she really treasures them and even installed shelves just to accommodate them.
well a child before I also used to have a bear which I always bring wherever I go, and I also can sleep without it by my side, but now I don't any more I am contented with hugging only pillows.