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funko pop collection

  1. Funko Pop collection

    Funko Pop collection

    A nice example of a decent Funko Pop collection
  2. plas2.jpg


    Funko offers a vast range of different Funko Pop characters. The diverse collection is the appeal for many.
  3. FernPop2018

    Huge Funko Collection For Sale 2011-2018

    Hello, I'm a avid Funko Pop collector since 2011. I recently decided to sell my collection in bulk. I have attached a spreadsheet with all my pops from 2011-present. I've also priced out each item with pop guide prices. All pops are in original boxes and never been taken out. This lot is sold...
  4. H

    OOB or in box collecting

    I'm personally an in box collecter but I want to see some other peoples opinions on collecting and box condition
  5. M

    Great Funko Article!

    http://www.clubit.tv/2018/01/funko-stand-takes-toy-fair-2018-storm/ PLEASE READ AND SHARE!!!
  6. M

    Amazing Funko Interview!

    Please watch and share this amazing interview from Clubit TV, interviewing Charlotte from Funko about the new Pop figures and much more!
  7. M

    Amazing Funko Interview!

    Please watch this interview by Clubit TV, interviewing Charlotte from Funko about their new range of Pop Figures and more!
  8. Steamroll

    Fallout Funko! Pop figurines

    Fallout franchise funko! Pop . I like specially like the Lone wanderer, super mutant and Power armor. But that deathclaw Pop figurine doesn't really look like it. Seems more like a horned imp than the reptilian Wasteland Apex predator.
  9. Foxy Bananas

    How many Funko Pops do you have at this time?

    I currently have about 500 Funko pops but we add about 5 funko pops a week, depending on sales, ebay winning and mystery boxes.
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