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New DC Bombshells Rock Candy

Now we have Batwoman and Harley Quinn! As always, I love the hairstyles and outfits of these babies, and the rest of the DC Bombshells squad! And it's nice that they have individual transparent stands for making awesome display of these cuties. I think they should have a fan based fashion show or something. LOL, just a thought. Can't wait for the rest of them!
Harley Quinn is a favorite of mine, especially after Margot Robbie's awesome portrayal of her in the movie - so these look awesome to me!
At the risk of getting some backlash from her adoring fans, I have to admit that I never really got onto the whole Harley Quinn hype train. I just find her annoying as a character (and not in the way that it was intended, either), but I do like her design.

The Batwoman design is absolutely amazing though. The whole baseball theme is adorable. The red and black color scheme works great for Batwoman, and I love the way they integrated the bat ears into the cap. Also I can't deny the brilliant pun. "Bat" woman, ha.

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