How do you enjoy your weekends?

Weekend is here and one that we are meant to relax and get set for the new week. I used to work in a shopping mall that never believe there is need to have breaks during weekends and that implies that every worker should always come to the office every Saturdays and Sundays which is the days we should be relaxing and planning for the new week at home. I tried to keep up with with the work, but it didn't take long before I quit simply because it started affecting my life.

Right now, I spend my weekend at home with my friends and sometimes I have a long sleep. This helps me to look fresh and happy every new week and ready to continue working towards my goals.

So, how you enjoy your weekend as well?
That is the only time me and my girlfriend see each other so why not enjoying it? :)
Yup, enjoyed it together with my family too. We spend it going to the mall and eating there for lunch. It is good to sometime find a way to relax with your family.
I enjoyed my weekends by playing mind games and having time to my family. We solve puzzle problems together and eat together. We go to beaches and spend time together. We sometime go to malls and play at the game center. I really enjoy my weekends with my family.
I enjoy my weekends by bonding with my kids and grandchild. We sometimes go to the mall, eat out or go to the amusement park. It is always a happy day with them. I think it is a good way of relieving stress because of the long tiring weekdays. I am always looking forward for a great and happy weekend.
Weekends is all about hitting the beach for me. Me and my Girlfriend really loves being in the beach. We make sure that our weekend will be spent beach bumming and enjoying the cool waves and sea breeze. It our way of relieving our stress within a pure work week that we had.
Weekend is all about quality time with family, a walk in the mall, a dinner in a restaurant, a day in the beach, or even a picnic in the park is great way to have fun with family:). After a long week of working its time for me to have some fun with my family, i usually plan what activities can we do together during the weekends. The presence of my family during weekends are a stress reliever and a motivator for me.... My day at paradise3.jpg

It keeps me gives me purpose in life!;)
Well I have different plans for every available week end that I get. Sometimes I go out on a road trip with my friends every week end, to find undiscovered beautiful places in my country such us beaches or hidden lagoon that may have potential to become a successful tourist spot. We always go to places that none of our colleagues have never gone before, so we have something to brag about.
Well, these days we spend our weekends at home in the family because my wife just gave birth to our second son and is difficult to leave home. In the past, we were spending our weekends traveling around the country.
We are waiting for our small baby to grow, and when he will have 7-9 months we will start traveling again.
I enjoy my weekends by doing all the things I loveeee and enjoy! Like, reading my current book, watching movies and my favorite kdrama series. I also want to spend my weekends with my family, especially when we are complete!
I love to eat outside with them and talk a lot of random things with them.
I spend the weekend with my family. We go out and watch movies together and if there are no good movie that is available we would stroll and go window shopping. Sometimes we go out of town just to visit some of the people we knew. At other times we go out and play out door games such as volleyball. basketball and tennis. We make sure that we spent some quality time when we are all together during weekends.
That is the only time me and my girlfriend see each other so why not enjoying it? :)
Yup, enjoyed it together with my family too. We spend it going to the mall and eating there for lunch. It is good to sometime find a way to relax with your family.
It's really good that you have enough time during weekends to enjoy it with your family and loved ones. This is truly a good way to build up a form of bond with your family and see a way to enjoy in life. Hopefully, you are going to keep it up in the end of the day.
Weekends are usually the time to go malling with the family and it's also time to fire up the barbeque grill for some good spicy bbq ribs.
I have to say that you must have been having a good time every weekend in the sense that I find spending the weekend with our family one of the best things we can do and have a great time. Time spent with family might be underrated, but we get to value them when we are a bit far from them. The reason is that our family members are the ones we can't pretend for when we are all together and such is a good feeling as a human being.
The only thing I love about weekend is, It's about time for me to go back to my province, after five days of working, It's now time to enjoy with my family, drinking beers with my friends, having some good conversation with them, not worrying about the job, and more sleep. Travelling using my motorcycle is also one my favorite thing to do during weekend.
I am enjoying my weekends by having a family gathering either in beach outing or family picnic because it is the only time that we can do things that we like to do.I sometimes having drinks together with friends or relative since it is way for us to get closer to each other. Weekends was already a part of my activity since I can schedule my important activities or meeting to anyone.I am having a lot of moments to my family because I have no work during those times, I can cook for my family, wash dishes as well as the clothes for my children and love ones. It is very great to spend much time on weekends as it is one of the most awaited time for leisure and shopping activities.
Most of the time I dont actually enjoy my week ends because of school demands and it is killing my joy. Just to have enough sleep every week ends can make me happy. All I need is sleep. So if you will ask me how do I enjoy my week ends the answer is that I really dont enjoy my week ends even though I really want but there is always a thing that should be done before monday.