Deadpool or FNAF

Yup, i'll pick Deadpool also. I have been following X-men since I was a kid and Deadpool is one of my favorite X-men character. I think it would be better if they could pimp him up just a little bit, you know, adding some detachable sword and guns will make Deadpool more appealing to the fans.


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It depends on which one your friend likes best, after all it's a gift for them. If they really enjoy the game FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S then I go with that one. If they prefer DEADPOOL then that's the correct choice. Obviously, you need to gather a bit more intel on which universe they enjoy the most before making your final purchase.
Deadpool is more better than FNAF characters especially when it talks about Funko! Deadpool is the lit one! I'm not really amazed about those FNAF characters since they just only know jumpscares and I can't find it awesome unlike Deadpool, Deadpool is so cool!
I don't like Deadpool because I never watched the movie. In fact I do not know much about this character. FNAF is a horror game series and I like this genre very much. Horror gives me adrenaline rush therefore I choose FNAF