Cats or dogs?


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I like dogs. They are very affectionate and loyal compared to cats. They are easy to train and a best bud. You can definitely bring them along in most activities you would wanted to do.
Well as for me I also prefer dogs. They are the most loyal companion one can ever have. They will always guard you and will literally take care of you. They are just like one of our family which we should love and take care.
Dogs is always the best choice! They know how to show love and loyalty to their owners. They are also obedience. Definitely a good friend to count on, and will love you unconditionally no matter how you threat them. I really love dogs.
I like cats. They are the cutest pet for me. I like the way they comfort their master and cuddle by their fur. But unfortunately I can't have cat in my house. I have this allergy at them. So I decided to have a dog in my house.
I love them both, they are animals and living things that deserves to be respected and to be loved. I have a cat and a dog at my home, they live in harmony and they actually play together. Although they are different species , it doesn't mean that they wont be able to live peacefully together. It just mean that differences can be settled with a bit of TLC:).
I like both of them but I prefer dogs rather than cats because dogs can be your bestfriend and can play with you but cats (not of all of them can play you) sometimes can makes us afraid. We can't play with cats because sometimes they act so weird and frightens us. Dogs are real man's best friend because they can protect our homes from intruders and makes us happy.
I'm a dog person since I was a kid and presently ive got 2 dogs a Dalmatian and a Pointer. Their runners and my kids like playing with them. Dogs are easy to train and are quite loyal and obedient cats on the other hand are hard to train and are no use in guarding the house and kids.
I love animals excepts snakes. Ew huhu But choosing between cats or dogs, I prefer dogs because they are so friendly and clingy. I love the sweetness they have and how I can just say hi to a dog even though they're not mine. I believe dogs are sent from above, though we don't deserve them. Actually, I currently have 4 dogs. They're now adults, but still my babies.
I like dogs. They are very affectionate and loyal compared to cats. They are easy to train and a best bud. You can definitely bring them along in most activities you would wanted to do.
Cats are cute but I prefer having dogs as my companion rather than cats. Because dogs is not a boring companion not like cats they just sit and sleep and they prefer to be alone. Well, I've been a dog lover ever since I was a child. My first dog was a German Shepherd, his a very active dog and loves to come with me when I am doing running routine. My dog pass away last 2001 and I am surely gonna miss him.
I prefer dogs. In my opinion, unlike cats, dogs are very sweet and they make me feel loved. They also serve as our guard when we are away that is why I really love having one in our family. They keep watch of the house and keep buglers away, they bark when they seen someone they don't know to alarm us or the our neighbors. Their noise would scare those uninvited people away.
Neither. Our neighborhood has at least 2 dogs/cats per house. They're just everywhere. And every day when I leave home, there is always a feces or more waiting for me outside the gate. Cleaning feces of an animal I don't even own is so annoying. But I think cats are cute though.
Hard to say but for me cats. But ironic there is that I have dog in my house and does not have cats. The reason is simple, I am allergic with their furs. I don't know if its but but why with dogs I am not allergic? My parents did not let me have cats for my health reason. :)
I literally cannot have pets. It is either I am allergic or I feel frightened by them. Don't get me wrong, I do like animals, but the thing is, it wouldn't be fair for them or me if one suffers. I find cats and dogs cute and cuddly. Sad thing, I am allergic with cats and I have a phobia of getting too close with dogs. I hate being barked at. Maybe it is because when I was young a dog barked, chased me and attempted to bite me. Good thing I was a pretty fast runner back then and all I got was a tini-tiny wound, to which I got multiple anti-rabies shots for. I got a cat once but at the end of the day I get sick and cannot breath well. I want to have a pet but I really can't.
Cats are cute, but dogs are more melodious than cats. I can love dogs more rather that cats and I don't know why. Maybe because dogs are more sweeter we all know that. And I love how the dogs use their smart brain. That is why the police use dogs as K9 to be their partners in every mission or patrolling. And lastly dogs are more easier to train than cats. And to be added there is a high chance that a dog can protect you compare to cats.