Are you enjoying funko forum?


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Yes I do. Absolutely. It feels really good to interact with different people from all around the world. I can learn a lot of new things feom them at the same time I can impart some knowledge to them. It has been really helpful, informative and entertaining at the same time.
I am always at the off topic section but at least I got to browse all the toys that are posted here. I do love toys and looking at them makes me happy. They are cute and cool looking. I enjoy here because of that and I love the color combination of this forum. It is pleasing to the eyes :)
Yes, very much. I love to see that there are a lot of topics that I could relate to and so many interesting people who are active. I do see that this forum is one of the most positive I've seen so far. I also enjoy the fact that this forum is revolving around Funko products which is really a big plus for me.
Yes, I do enjoy this site a lot, I do feel that my place is here among you guys. I have learned new things from you and I hope I will learn more in the future.
What I like the most is that there are many users who post and socialize, there are some forums where you see a new post after a few days!
Yes, I really enjoyed and love this forum. I met a lot of people who also loved Funko Stuff and share their Funko Pop Collections.
I saw and read that there are a lot of Funko Pop Characters, not only Cartoon Characters or Anime Characters, but also some Actors and Actress in Hollywoods, which I didn't expect.
I really learned a lot in this Forum.And I love sharing or exchanging topics/ideas about Funko.
Absolutely yes! I enjoyed being a member on this forum very much. I never expected to meet a lot of Funko Toys enthusiast. Honestly at first, I'm not quite sure if this kind toys are still popular to people. But to my surprise, I never expected that there were actually a huge amount of people that still a fan of Funko Toys. And for me as an avid fun and as a collector of action figures, I feel happy and glad to know that the conventional toys that I grew up with, is still valuable to people.
Funko forum is one of the best site that I am enjoying now a days because it has many topics which are easy to discuss and to address. This is really a fun way of doing things while at the same time learning new things. I was been in the site for just a couple of months only but I already adapt and enjoy the site, maybe because it is a user friendly site and very active place to share your thoughts and ideas.The members here are friendly and very active which is really one of things that I am looking for a site. I hope that this site would still last for some time so that we can still enjoy our daily discussion up to the fullest.
Yes of course, there're a lot of topics to choose, the topics are great, the participants, or the members are great also. The Ideas from the topics are very interesting. I really enjoy and feel great to become part of this site. even we don't know each others, we still sometimes agree to each other.
I honestly enjoy this site since it is full of fun and learning. I would really enjoy to keep coming back everyday if the forums will be available everyday. This site is very simple and user friendly but very amazing.
Is that a question or a compliment? Because I enjoyed being in this forum for certain reason, I've learned so much things in here and I don't doubt it. I can open up my childhood memories by sharing all of my childhood experience in here and I'm glad that everyone is so polite.
Is that a question or a compliment? Because I enjoyed being in this forum for certain reason, I've learned so much things in here and I don't doubt it. I can open up my childhood memories by sharing all of my childhood experience in here and I'm glad that everyone is so polite.
It is a compliment for me because I do I appreciates the site as well as the community because this place is very entertaining, I maybe new with the site but for a shorter period of time I realize how cool the site is. I am giving much time on this site everyday as long as I can because I am enjoying while at the same time having some earnings and learning as well.
Yes, I love collecting these and seeing all these new collectibles and fellow collectors give me so much joy. I also love the discussions with the various members of this forum. It's a great way for me to spend my free time.
Definitely, yes!!!! I am really glad to see how we exchange our thoughts. I think that the funko forums really helps us to express our feelings which help us to reduce the pressure inside us. I am really thankful because funko does this kind of forum where we the members can help each other and can talk about our experiences and feelings.
I can't believe I'm really enjoying this forum although I'm still new here. I like to see everyone's perspective to share our thoughts. And of course, to see everyone's interesting about funko, it's not about a toy, but something valuable that lives inside that toy.
I am really enjoying all the forums here. I learned a lot of things. I can share my experiences and I can also read everybody's experiences. I hope this forum will be more recognized.
Definitely yes, I enjoy Funkoforum. At first I didn't know what the site was all about, but when I registered and began to see the forum and the posts, it has become more fun than anything else, and that's because its really Fun n this Forum. It's about toys, yes, but it's more than just the toy. When we were children it would be hard to imagine ourselves without toys because toys are miniature representations of our real world. We first learned about how planes, cars, guns, houses, trains, and a lot others looked like via the toys that we played. And now that we're grown ups, it would be good to look back with some amount of gratitude and appreciation regarding these toys and with the same amount of fun as when we were kids.
I do enjoy staying on this forum since there are a lot of topics to talked to and I really love joining forum sites because compilation of ideas are present in this kind of sites. I would be glad to share some of my opinions to others and more happy if I help them because of my suggestions.
Since I am a member of this forum, i really enjoyed my staying here. I really like reading different topics everyday.
I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions about what topics has been posted.
I really enjoy reading every comments of other member and also I am learning with this forum.
And when I create a topic, everyday I am excited to open this forum again and scroll my phone who was the commentor of my topic and reading it with a smile in my face.