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2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Saga!

This is so cool. It looks like an old television with a broken screen. Every collectors will probably love this.
I have read Prince Robot comics. Prince Robot in this pop is awesome. The gray color uniform looks so unique. If you are a fan then you would definitely love to have this one.
This thing is really awesome a television looks like a ninja? that was so cool putting it on the shelf and everyone will be amaze on that toy because its really cool.
A toy that has a TV screen as a head and a ninja look as a body is absolutely a must-have. It looks unique and awesome!
Awww! Cute little Prince Robot IV is sad. I've never actually seen him like this. Though yeah, it's a nice addition to the Prince Robot fandom collectibles. The Funko touch made it look not that sad. And the broken screen thingy still looks nice on him. Haha!
It seems that Prince Robot IV is feeling ache with its broken screen. Nice idea and absolutely a unique one. Mostly, collection series starts from so simple until it becomes more complicated but awesome features. So different with Prince Robot IV that really mourns at your first glance because of its color.

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