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2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: DC!

Rock Candy: DC Bombshells – Poison Ivy
DC Bombshells’ Pamela Ysley is now a Rock Candy!

Dorbz: DC Comics – Ace & Krypto 2-pack (2000pc LE)
Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Superdog are here to save the day!

Pop! Heroes: Emerald Chrome Batman (1500pc LE)
In honor of the Emerald City, it’s an emerald chrome variant of Batman!

This toys are really awesome I cant say what I feel but its really awesome men. the way the girl stands so cool and the wood looks pretty cool too. the dogs are so cute and you can get both of them just buying a 1 box of toys? that's pretty cool.
The Emerald Chrome Batman is so unique - literally don't think I've seen a funko pop that's so shiny and bright!
I love the Ace and Krypto pack. The 2-in-1 pack is a fantastic deal already.:)
The emerald batman is unique and will stand out in a bunch of toys. I can't wait to have those.
While some hardcore Batman fans out there may frown at the dark Mr. Bruce Wayne turning all-green, this cute Emerald City Batman thingy here is such a unique stash. It's another funky Funko find that's worth a little room in the display. Say hello to Batman at the Emerald City!

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