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2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Cuphead & Street Fighter!

Pop! Games: Cuphead - Cagney Carnation
You’re up! It’s a good day for a swell battle! Get ready for Cagney Carnation! Be careful, this flower has thorns!

Pop! Tees: Street Fighter II (1000pc LE)
This limited edition Street Fighter II t-shirt comes in arcade style packaging!

I'm a fan of street fighter! I love that tee:). The arcade style packaging is a plus, brings you back to the joystick era. Great design, The world warrior characters are there...they are awesome!! sonic boooom!
Nice design and packaging, i hope there's more, I'm a street fighter fan and seeing a Street Fighter 2 tees with arcade type print brings back a lot of good old gaming memories. It's like going back to the arcade era of the late 80's and early 90's
Wow! That's a pretty wonderful shirt. I've always loved Street Fighter back in my childhood days. Looking at those great Street Fighter characters displayed creates a nostalgic feeling of the game obsession.
Wow, I love street fighter. I even played them in family computers before together with my siblings. It reminds me of my childhood days.
Wow, this shirt is so cool and the main design is street fighter its really awesome I always play this game when I was little and I'm really a big fan of it and I really like the shirt.
I am a fan of street fighter since i was a kid I always play and addictive to its game on the video games that you will inserted a coin to play.
Love the Street Fighter tee - those retro styled shirts are so much fun! Totally brings back those nostalgic vibes, I think they'll sell well!
Yes! That Cagney Carnation looks fantastic! Cuphead was one of my favorite games of 2017, even if it did make me want to tear my hair out and smash my computer with my controller. For those who don't know, it's just and teeny tiny bit difficult.

I actually wasn't aware that there was a whole line of Cuphead figures from Funko. Everything from Cuphead and Mugman to The Devil and King Dice. Since they've previewed Cagney Carnation, hopefully that means they'll be doing other bosses as well.
I'm a fan of the Street Fighter game consoles. I used to play them with my brothers and we were beating the heck out of each other back then. This shirt would be a nice Street Fighter flashback fan uniform for the three of us. Haha! Nice! I love the comic trip look too. It makes it more 90s-ish.

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