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  1. Z

    Doing a school project on Funko Pops. Could you please fill out this quick 1-minute survey?

  2. N

    Create a video with Funko Pop

    Hello! My name is Nastya, I am from Russia. I'm taking a 3d motion course and want to create a video with Funko Pop. I need to ask you a few questions. It would be great if you can give feedback. 1. Why / why do you love Funko Pop? 2. What is your favorite hero? 3. What colors are the figures...
  3. Jop Copiaco

    Hello everyone! Check out my blog ^_^

    Hi guys! I'm Jop. I've been a collector since December 2015. I'm from Laguna, Philippines. And, I just want to share my blog (I just started last week): https://fpoplinkedlist.wordpress.com/ Have a nice day!!! ^_^ Funko ftw!
  4. Chry_chan

    harley quinn gown pop

    Hey! tell me if u like harley quinn (gown) pop, and if you know if its rare or something like this.. or not. (i want to buy it and im thinking if i buy the original edition of harley quinn pop is a better idea:p)
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