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Emerald City Comic Con Exclusives Recap!

Wow it is great to see that you are now advertising using video. It is such a great quality of video. It improves the trust for me. And also the figure in green is so cute it looks like my niece teddy bear. Keep on posting this kind of advertisement.
This video creates a highly commended video which presented exclusive recaps on different characters that well known.. This creations and presentations would love by kids and adults. Those adorable little figure is a big eye catcher.
its a really cute doll, i would love to have it for my own. and green is absolutely my favorite color.
Oh, I'm in love with this three character.The green teddy, the superman dog and the guy with the glasses are cool! I'm sure my daughter will gonna love them too.I want to have them for collections :D
I love the blue character with the red mohawk it's such a unique character all the characters are really nice and really cool looking. The Emerald City logo is very nice very unique.
The videos definitely make it easier to get a feel for the Funkos rather than it being just an image on the screen - the full 360 just makes me want to buy even more! I was such a Care Bear fan as a kid so the video got my attention straight away. Hoping to see more sneak peeks and recaps like this in the future!
Wow! You guys have come a long way. Impressive figures as always. Hope the lineup continues to grow. Emerald city is a force to reckon with. Keep it up.
I never really thought about the rest of the Emerald City characters, except the popular ones that appeared mostly from the classic The Wizard of Oz. I didn't know there's actually a separate Emerald City series. There are also lots of other featured Emerald City characters! This is awesome! It makes me explore the world of Emerald City a little bit more and check out the rest of the cast! Having Pop figures of them would be adorable! I'm having the green teddy for starters.

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