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Popeye: Funko Specialty Series
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Great Popeye pose, I like it he's not buffed up like the others I've seen. And his holding a spinach can, nice!
I am a 90's kid so I am a fan of popeye. My mom always let me watch popeye just for me to stay at home every time the weather is not good outside. So I am thankful that you release a figure of popeye. Many people specially 90's kid is finding one of this.
I want to see a Brutus next, or a twin pack of Popeye and Wimpy holding a hamburger would be great.
Wow! Popeye is one of my favorite characters. I am really attracted seeing this one particularly with his one hand holding a spinach in a can. I miss watching Popeye movies. I'm always a fan.
Wow! I miss my childhood. One of the shows I watched in cartoon network before was Popeye. This is so cool! Its very cute, I wanted to buy this kind of stuff. Should include the one while holding and eating the spinach, he become strong by making his arms more bigger which makes him look stronger and his below body is the same as that but this so cool tho. He should with his partner, Olivia XD. I totally missed popeye. Great character made! Amazing!
There's a popeye funko figure also? Wow,great! I love watching them, during my childhood times. I missed their shows already. I also want to collect them. Together with Bluto and Olive. And maybe also the popeye babies.
His nose looks really funny! Haha! I love Popeye! And now I love it more that there's a Popeye Pop! LOL. It'd be nicer with the rest of the gang though. Olive Oyl, Poopdeck Pappy, Swee'Pea, Wimpy, and Bluto. Having a Popeye Pop collection like that would be awesome to relive happy childhood days of a 90s kid and kid-at-heart.

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