What Do You Think Of The Wacky Wobblers?

Same as the guy above me, I don't own one, but I'd love to purchase one :) They seem kinda cool but idk if it's something I'd devote a lot of my time to.

OT: I have that exact same mask that's in your profile picture haha.
I haven't seen the wobblers yet, but I will definitely keep my eye out. I don't get out to stores too often anymore, and online shopping is too dangerous for me (I have countless shopping carts full of items I want, but little funds to purchase them). I have heard about them from friends who work in retail. I guess I need to just do some shopping!
I am not a big fan of Wacky Wobblers. The only one that I've come across that I could see myself buying are the Nightmare before Christmas themed figures. I really loved the Barrel figurine, but other than that, I haven't really been interested. I am not a huge fan of bobble heads. To be honest, they kind of freak me out. I could see why someone might want one to place in their car though- since they move with every bump you hit.


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Bobbleheads in the style of the Wacky Wobbler just look like something my grandfather would have collected. They lack the whimsical look of the POPs and some of them just look weird and freaky. The proportions just looked warped on the masked characters. Like stretched out skinny bodies and narrow wobbly heads. The wobblers based on real people look creepy. Like bobble-head voodoo doll creepy. Wacky wobblers just look like bobble heads.
Wacky Wobblers make us nostalgic with our old time best-loved cartoon characters in our childhood lifestyle in an excellent bobblehead figure. They make excellent presents. They are loved by young ones in any ages. They are more than just toys. They are considered to be a great significance.
I like them! They've always reminded me of those bobblehead dolls you could get at sporting events and things like that - just in a much cooler form! I think they work really well as unique gift ideas for those people that have everything - I've bought them for people who like particular TV series or particular characters, and everyone I've bought one for so far has loved them! They're great for office desks (and tend to make quite the talking point!)