Do you love Korean novelas?

Now a days more people are being fan of watching some Korean novelas even in the late night already. I observed that mostly the millennials are the one that are being addicted to such series in the television. I am just curious if any one of you here are watching Korean novelas that sometimes make it already a habit to watch them for a longer period of time or before going to bed.
I do. I absolutely adore Koreans and how they make their k dramas. They are great at twisting the plot of the story. I first started watching Korean novelas when I was still in college then I occasionally watch them when I have a free time and when I see a series that I am interested in.
Yes. I love korean dramas. These are just one of the best dramas ever. The acting of the characters were good and the cinematography as well. The story of each series is one of a kind. It was all well-thought. I like how they manipulate the stories and flow of events in each series.