Do you like collecting Funko T-shirts?


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Funko T-shirts are really cute it's kind of addicting wearing it especially if it's your favorite figures. Others would buy it right away if there's a new release of t-shirts. I've seen wearing people a couple Funko T-shirts in the mall. They're wearing star wars and it's really a good design.

Do you like collecting Funko T-shirts?
I didt not expect that funko sells t-shirts. I really like to have one because I really like funko. I'm gonna save up money just to buy one. I know I'm gonna get addicted to it so I think I'm gonna prepare myself and save up more money.
To be honest, I haven't seen a Funko t-shirt yet but I am pretty much positive that it will look cute to both of us if we will wear it like a group shirt or perhaps wear it like a couple shirt like what other people do. It always put a smile on my face every time I see people wearing identical shirt, I got drag into their happiness just by looking at them. Well I guess people really has their own way of being happy, no matter what it is as long as they are happy that's all that matter to them.
I didn't know about the t shirts, either. I don't know that I necessarily would buy or wear a t-shirt of them (probably because I'm in work clothes during the week and I don't usually wear shirts with logos or things like that as my personal fashion style!) but I think maybe younger people than me would! If anyone has some pictures of the shirts though, I'm a little curious to know what designs and so forth they have!
Funko design shirt is a great idea. I didn't see a Funko T-shirt in the market yet,or even in onlineshops. I want to have a Family Shirt and the design is Funko character.I and my 2 daughter love disney princess.
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