New Collector

I'm a new collector to Funko Pop. I've also just begun to collect games correlated to the adult toons/anime I love. My goal is to leave my collection to my grandsons. Each item I have purchased is in new condition & undamaged condition, except for one...
I recently received a Funko Pop figure, where the UPS shipping box was pristine. However, the Funko Pop figurine was completely out of its plastic mold within the product box (sitting at a 135-315° angle on top of the plastic mold). Plus, the head was turned to the left of the figure's body. It came with a protective plastic sleeve, which had price sticker residue, and scratches from repeated packing. I have not removed the protective sleeve, but I examined the Funko box with gloves & under a reading lamp. It has no apparent stress marks or any sign of being opened, and neither do the tabs of the protective plastic.
Will the product not being seated into its plastic mold make the product less valuable? Should I open the box & reposition the item so it is seated in its mold (knowing this will lessen its value)? Should I return it, or will this flaw make the item more desirable due to this imperfection?
Any advice is welcome. Thx.