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  1. jaclynkate

    Do you prefer to work home based?

    Yes, its convenient when you work online.You can still do your duties as a mom and wife. You can have your quality time with them.
  2. jaclynkate

    Do you prefer to work home based?

    Yes, you're right,working offline or as regular employee is nice,you can assure that they really pay you. And you get to meet new companions and friends. If I'll be given a chance,I want to work also as a usual/regular employee.But for now, I prefer to take care my two kids,and earn extra income...
  3. jaclynkate

    How often do you visit the gym?

    I went to gym before at least once or twice a week. But now that I have two kids, I cannot go to the gym unlike before. So, I'm doing exercise or workout in our own home. My husband bought some gym equipment. I also watch some exercise online.
  4. jaclynkate

    Do you prefer to work home based?

    I'm a full time mom/housewife. At the same time I'm also doing some online jobs. For me, I prefer to work online, so I can still take care of my two kids. And also, I don't need to rush everyday, I can work anytime or during my free time. No work under pressure. There are a lot of opportunities...
  5. jaclynkate

    Shippuden Naruto PoPs!

    wow, the Naruto Funko Figures. Im sure my husband and my brothers would love it. They love watching naruto. I remembered my little brother trying to run or move like Naruto. So cute and funny.
  6. jaclynkate

    Do you feel happy at this time?

    Yes I am happy and contented, I already have 2 daughters and a wonderful and great husband. We are not rich, but we are contented on what we have. For me, happiness is a choice, everything happens for a reason. You just need to be positive, and take your problem as a challenge. As what they say...
  7. jaclynkate

    Preferred treatment method

    I prefer injection, through injection our body can easily absorb the medicine. And the result is much faster than taking pills.
  8. jaclynkate

    Crying over broken toy

    Yes I did, I really cried because it's my favorite toy. When we went to the toy store, I ask and beg my parents to buy me that toy,It's a little bit expensive, so that time they didn't bought it.Until my birthday came, they surprise me, they bought that toy. So, I was really happy, because I've...
  9. jaclynkate

    Coming Soon: 90s Nickelodeon!

    Wow, Super Cute. I love Rugrats. Is there an Oggy and the Cockroaches also? :)
  10. jaclynkate

    Are you enjoying funko forum?

    Yes, I really enjoyed and love this forum. I met a lot of people who also loved Funko Stuff and share their Funko Pop Collections. I saw and read that there are a lot of Funko Pop Characters, not only Cartoon Characters or Anime Characters, but also some Actors and Actress in Hollywoods, which...
  11. jaclynkate

    Do you like to buy toys online?

    Yes, I like buying toys online. Because it's hassle free, and there are online shops who offers free shipping. There are also a lot of stuffs/toys online that is cheaper, compared to the Mall. I bought toys or other stuffs to the trusted online shops and that has a Cash On Delivery option.
  12. jaclynkate

    Coming Soon: Looney Tunes Dorbz

    Oh yeah! The Looney Toons Characters. I love them. I love Tazmanian. :) I love watching them in cartoon character, even though sometimes I can't understand what they were talking, but their actions says it all. :) missing these gangs so much. :)
  13. jaclynkate

    Are you into healthy lifestyle?

    I'm on my process to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It's been a week since I started and decide to stop eating meat and start eating vegetables. I notice that my stomach is not that fat just like before. I'm not yet vegan, but I am planning to be a vegan soon, but in step by step process. Because...
  14. jaclynkate


    I don't think I'm going to collect this one. Definitely, my kids will throw it, or crashed it, because of its scary face.:D Just like what we saw in horror movies.;)
  15. jaclynkate

    My friend's newest additions

    Wow, The Royal Family. I didn't expect that they have also a Funko Figure. What a nice creation. Thumbs up to the maker. Really nice and I loved it.
  16. jaclynkate

    Do you like collecting Funko T-shirts?

    Funko design shirt is a great idea. I didn't see a Funko T-shirt in the market yet,or even in onlineshops. I want to have a Family Shirt and the design is Funko character.I and my 2 daughter love disney princess.
  17. jaclynkate

    Comment by 'jaclynkate' in media 'popeye.jpg'

    There's a popeye funko figure also? Wow,great! I love watching them, during my childhood times. I missed their shows already. I also want to collect them. Together with Bluto and Olive. And maybe also the popeye babies.
  18. jaclynkate

    Who's your fave? Limited Edition Justice League Pops by funko

    My favorite justice league funko pop figure are Mera and Flash.Actually they all look cute. I love their funko pop figures.
  19. jaclynkate

    Thor : Ragnarok PoPs !

    If I'm going to buy Ragnarok Funko Pop.I want Grandmaster and Loki. I like their look.And they are so attractive.
  20. jaclynkate

    harley quinn gown pop

    wow, harley quinn. I love her outfit there.It's nice she's wearing a gown. I think there's a lot harley quinn funko figures in amazon, and with different outfits. If I'm going to have one, I want this one.
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