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  1. jenfrancisco26

    Riverdale Pop

    This is awesome. I want to collect them all.
  2. jenfrancisco26

    Harry Potter Pops

    Anyone here complete Harry Potter Pops? I really am looking for Dobby but I cant find one.
  3. jenfrancisco26

    The Country of interest to you right now.

    America is my current interest right now. It is rich country and I want to work there.
  4. jenfrancisco26

    Your dream travel destination?

    I want to go to Unites State of America. It is a rich country and I want to work there.
  5. jenfrancisco26

    Mango Grahams or Avocado Grahams

    I prefer mango grahams than avocado grahams. Having avocado to grahams made the grahams more sweeter better to have mango.
  6. jenfrancisco26

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Aisde from surfing to the internet I also spend my free time with family or friends. It is good also to hang out with them.
  7. jenfrancisco26

    Why do you listen to music

    We can enjoy out life most especially our surroundings if we are listening to music. Also it helps our mind to be relax and at the same time think well.
  8. jenfrancisco26

    How do you guys stay positive?

    By just looking at the bright side. No one can help yourself other than yourself.
  9. jenfrancisco26

    Coffee my energizer

    I also consider coffee as my energizer. I feel more energetic with it and motivates me to do mo work.
  10. jenfrancisco26

    What is your dream car

    I dream of having Lamborgini too. I love it's feature and it was really awesome.
  11. jenfrancisco26

    Do you dream of working abroad?

    Yes of course, I can't earn enough here in my country that is the main reason of working abroad but also I am a traveler who wants to travel around the worls and explore it as much as I can as I live.
  12. jenfrancisco26

    Did you ever listen to Classical music?

    Yes I still listen to classical music. It was kinda different and it was good to my ears.
  13. jenfrancisco26

    Are you not ashamed playing toys even if you're already grown-up now?

    Well, It is kinda weird to play toys when your are well grown-up but I think there is nothing wrong about playing toys. It was really fun and relaxing.
  14. jenfrancisco26

    Your best time to go to bed?

    8pm for me. I really need to get in bed early because I still had a job early in the morning. I need to have a sleep.
  15. jenfrancisco26

    Your dream travel destination?

    Korea. Someday I will go there.
  16. jenfrancisco26

    Expensive toys

    Talking to him with sincerity and explaining to him that you can't afford it but it doesn't mean that you don't love him. Surely he will understand if you will explain it to him with love and as a parent. Make him realize that whatever you will give to him on Christmas let him be just thankful...
  17. jenfrancisco26

    Cats or dogs?

    I prefer having dogs at my house. They are easily to play with and they are very affectionate. There are times that I am gloomy and when I came home my dog wag his tail and waited for me the whole day it was very touching for me.
  18. jenfrancisco26

    Your best time to go to bed?

    8pm in the evening, after eating your dinner time to rest for the whole day of work. Time to browse in social media and chitchat with friends then sleep at 9pm or 10pm.
  19. jenfrancisco26

    Can you live a day without your phone.

    Yes, I can live without my phone but that will be a bit more difficult since most of the people are using cellphone to reach you. We are not not in the old age we are now in the age of technology so it will be hard to be left behind.
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