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  1. DenisP

    Do you like the Rick and Morty collection?

    About a year ago, I probably would've been all over the Rick and Morty collection. These days though? I think I'll pass. I was a huge fan of Rick and Morty, but I've actually kind of grown to dislike the series. It isn't even the fault of the show or its writers, as I think they've done an...
  2. DenisP

    Shippuden Naruto PoPs!

    I particularly love the detail on the Kakashi Pop. It's gorgeous enough for me to have quite literally said "wow." I'm a big fan of the original Naruto series, but not so much Shippuden. It isn't that I don't like Shippuden, but there are just way too many episodes, way too much filler, and I...
  3. DenisP

    Coming Soon: Game of Thrones Pop! Keychains

    The Jon Snow one doesn't look nearly as depressed/concerned as he should be. Okay a bit of a joke there at Kit Harington's expense, but it would be funny if they did caricaturize the figure. It would go with the whole meme of Jon having resting sad face. The Daenerys figure is spot on...
  4. DenisP

    New DC Bombshells Rock Candy

    At the risk of getting some backlash from her adoring fans, I have to admit that I never really got onto the whole Harley Quinn hype train. I just find her annoying as a character (and not in the way that it was intended, either), but I do like her design. The Batwoman design is absolutely...
  5. DenisP

    Coming Soon: 90s Nickelodeon!

    I actually wasn't aware if they had Pops for Ren and Stimpy, so I did a quick search on Amazon. As it turns out, they actually do! It isn't all that surprising, as Ren and Stimpy were massively popular in the 90's. I'm not going to lie though, something about the classic black eyes for Pop...
  6. DenisP

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Cuphead & Street Fighter!

    Yes! That Cagney Carnation looks fantastic! Cuphead was one of my favorite games of 2017, even if it did make me want to tear my hair out and smash my computer with my controller. For those who don't know, it's just and teeny tiny bit difficult. I actually wasn't aware that there was a whole...
  7. DenisP

    Coming Soon: 90s Nickelodeon!

    I'm kind of the odd one out when it comes to 90's Nickelodeon cartoons. I used to watch plenty of 90's Nickelodeon, but for some reason I never got on the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Rugrats bandwagon. I did see the Rugrats movie though, and have fond memories of that, so I'd totally love to own...
  8. DenisP

    Coming Soon: Jumping Mega Man Pop!

    I'm a huge fan of Mega Man, but I'm probably going to catch some flak for what I'm about to say. I love Mega Man X, but I honestly don't much care for the classic Mega Man. Growing up with Mega Man X, I got so used to the improved gameplay mechanics, I could never go back to the NES versions...
  9. DenisP

    Metallic Megazord Image

    Ah, this is so painful! As a kid, I was such a huge fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the Dino Megazord pretty much personifies not only the Rangers but my love for the series. It's painful because, being an exclusive, it's way out of my price range. I just checked Amazon and it's over...
  10. DenisP

    Coming Soon: Pop! Royals!

    And here I was, thinking to myself how all the news coverage and hype related to the wedding was overkill. Now this, this is an advanced level of overkill. Okay I'm kind of joking, but I'm among the few who didn't much care for the royal wedding. I understand the historical significance, but...
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