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    What's the last video game you played?

    single player, i play Harpoon Commander edition and the newer master of Orion. MMO, I play Star Trek Online
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    Do you have any colour preference for your Funko toys?

    not a fan of when they do rainbow pink or neon.. if I want Batman he better be dark colors, not valentine pink. I'm not even a fan of the copper Art3mis from RPO or the silver pokemon. it's ok to make the one offs, like the metallic charmander, but i would not be interested in a pink pikachu
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    my daughter was a bit older, si she didn't leave toys everywhere she left clothes and electronics everywhere. I gave her one warning, then if i picked it up it became mine. I would lock it all up in cabinets. if she wanted it back she bought it from me with extra chores. after about 6 months...
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    Do you like Facebook or Instagram?

    not a member of facegram nor instabook
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    How did you start collecting Vynils?

    my first were actually not funkos, they areJazwares of the RWBY characters. after that I picked up the 5 funkos i could fined, the 4 team members and the SDCC edition of Ruby then it started to snowball some.
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    How Long Until These Are Very Valuable?

    Collecting things like Funkos s never smart as an investment. lets face it, the stuff from the 50s and 60s are rare because kids PLAYED with them. for example, say they made 1000 Major Matt Masons. after 50 years, you MIGHT see 30 mint in box. now say they make 1000 MMM funko, in 50 years you...
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    anyone have information about 2001: a Space Odyssey Pops?

    I have seen the Frank Poole figure, but nothing else from the franchise. Does anyone know if there will be a HAL, Dave Bowman or Heywood Floyd?
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    Hoping to learn some

    a new collector in Florida here.
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