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  1. bleach123

    Emerald City Comic Con Exclusives Recap!

    Emerald green is a unique and astonishing color for toys plus its cuteness. I can't wait to have this!
  2. bleach123

    Metallic Megazord Image

    The metallic design is so lit! This is so iresistible and fascinating to look at. It makes me travel back in the '90s. Power Rangers has a huge fan base and this will surely be added to the collection.
  3. bleach123

    Coming Soon: Solo: A Star Wars Story Vynl.

    Star Wars is a great movie and a huge hit. These will be surely added to the collections of the fans.
  4. bleach123

    Leak: Ad Icons Dig Em Frog #42

    This very looks familiar and gives the nostalgic feels. It reminds me of my childhood. It looks funny and friendly too.
  5. bleach123

    Coming Soon: The Lost Boys Pop!

    Well I wasn't able to watch that movie but I have heard and saw it being idolized in televisions and magazines. The looks are so cool and retro-inspired toys will never go out of style. It will be a sure hit!
  6. bleach123

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Saga!

    A toy that has a TV screen as a head and a ninja look as a body is absolutely a must-have. It looks unique and awesome!
  7. bleach123

    Specialty Series: Wolfman Pop!

    This toy is slightly creepy but so cool! It is definitely a must-have in a toy collection.
  8. bleach123

    Coming Soon: Jumping Mega Man Pop!

    Mega Man has been one of my favorite anime heroes when I was a child. It gives me the nostalgic feels when I saw this toy. I hope that it will be available in my country too.
  9. bleach123

    Coming Soon: Pop! Royals!

    I first knew Meghan Markle on Suits which I super love and she's a stunning and gorgeous lady. And now she is married to the prince! The toys are so cute.
  10. bleach123

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: DC!

    I love the Ace and Krypto pack. The 2-in-1 pack is a fantastic deal already.:) The emerald batman is unique and will stand out in a bunch of toys. I can't wait to have those.
  11. bleach123

    Coming Soon: Game of Thrones Pop! Keychains

    Wow! It looks so cool! I want the Daenerys keychain. I miss Game of Thrones so much and we'll have to wait for a year for the next season. Why?
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