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    Coffee my energizer

    Yeah me too, sometimes coffee won't effect on me as I'm still very sleepy even if I drink 2 cups of coffee. I don't know why it happened to me sometimes.
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    Dreams : Do you believe in them

    I'm not sure but I think so because I have been dreaming a lot of things that happened in real life. It's somehow like premonition. I have encountered a lot of dreams about someone was about to die but it was not particularly died in a dream but those premonitions that were being said by a lot...
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    Coffee my energizer

    My mother is fond of drinking coffee without cream but she don't recommend us to drink coffee instead she prefer us to drink milk everyday since then. So until now we used to drink milk or if there's no available milk at the kitchen, we choose milo/chocolate milk drink over coffee because we...
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    Coffee my energizer

    I only drink coffee if I needed to. When I have something to finish like project then I need to drink coffee for me not to be sleepy.
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    Do you miss someone or some people in your life?

    Yes but sometimes I got to hate this specific person as he is really stubborn. He is cold hearted knowing that we are family friend but he acts that way to me. I don't know why he is like that, he can't even talk to me straight and can't look to my eyes. But I really miss him. :(
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    Are you satisfied now with your life?

    The truth is no, not yet as I still have to reach my goals and dreams. There are still many things to do and to achieve so I am trying to work hard to achieve that goal.
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    What makes you inspire?

    My inspiration is my Family and my own self. I just realize that I need to have inspirations for me to be productive everyday. I want to improve myself more than before and I have been through a lot of frustrations before so I needed to stand up for myself. I can already see the improvement...
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    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I usually browse some internet and look for available online jobs. Sometimes I watch youtube about business and DIY's as I want to gather some information about those things as I am planning to do a business soon, so there. Sometimes I am practice drawing since I needed to improve more my artworks.
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    Do you dream of working abroad?

    I always dreaming of working abroad since I want the field of animation. Working in a big companies such as disney and pixel are such prestigious and coolest company, it biggest achievement for me someday I can work on those kind of companies.
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    Are you satisfied now with your life?

    The truth is, I am not satisfied as I wanted to be good at many things. I wanted to work in a company where I can apply animation as I wanted to master that field. My life for no is kinda boring but I know, sooner or later I can reach or achieve my goals in life.
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    Crying over broken toy

    I do hope so, we really can't tell how our future kids act on their behavior. The best way we can do for them is teach them the difference between good and bad so that they will have an idea how to react or look over their behavior. A proper guidance is important so, as future parents we are...
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    Comment by 'nekonieden' in media 'The Duke and Duchess of Sussex'

    Wow so cute! Is this kind of chibi? this is so adorable. If I go marry someone, I would like or love to have this kind of stuff for both of us. Its perfect also for wedding souvenir.
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    Do you sometimes go for a vacation trip?

    Of course especially if you've been through a lot of stress. We badly needed this for us to relax and enjoy sometimes in our life. Before doing that, of course make sure that all your responsibilities are finish before you take your vacation trip.
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    Crying over broken toy

    Yes, we tend to be selfish when were still kids and doesn't know how to distinguish attitude as long as we enjoy what we have before. Kids doesn't have any idea or still don't understand the difference of what's good and bad. Kids only think of their happiness thru those toys they have. They...
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    Crying over broken toy

    You're right! Most likely our parents spoiled them because they are the first born babies of the family. I did not envied my brother ever since. I just don't like how spoiled and selfish he was then. Thankfully he was totally changed, but my younger brother is the most spoiled among the three of...
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    Crying over broken toy

    Yeah! I agree with you. My mom said to me I only have one toy when I was baby (1 year old) and my brother (2 and 1/2 years old) has a lot of toys because he will not stop crying until my parents buy the toys he wants. I saw his one toy on the floor then I slowly move my arms towards the toy and...
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    Crying over broken toy

    When I was a kid (Grade 3), I am like your sister. I have 2 brothers and I am the only girl sibling so I also play what they play. Since we have a break game and family computer at that time, sometimes I used to get the joystick from my younger brother then he suddenly cried because i got the...
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    Do you feel happy at this time?

    For now I am just being positive for me to set myself free from all painful experienced. From all the struggles, pain and frustrations I have been through, I should be strong enough to handle those kind of things. Yes, I went a lot of trouble sometimes in my life but what more should I do than...
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    How often do you visit the gym?

    I stopped going to gym because of busy schedules. It was last year when I started to go to gym everyday but whenever my body got pain and I can already feel muscle pain, I just have to rest for one day. After rest, I just go back and continue on those routines I usually working out. What I hate...
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    Crying over broken toy

    I don't remember if I cried over a broken toy since I don't have much toys when I was young. Most probably I used my older brother's toys and whenever I borrowed his toys he went on me to get the toy back to him. It was really annoying. But, but whenever I have a favorite thing I brought or...
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