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  1. fishbate

    Do you like collecting Funko T-shirts?

    I like the street fighter edition,it has great design and i like it in black. I'm a fan of street fighter and anything that involves it is basically likable to me. It comes with street fighter world warrior main characters which is awesome.
  2. fishbate

    Pre-Owned or New Figures

    It depends on the state of the figure, i always think that old is valuable as long as it's in good condition. New figures are great addition to any collection because of the potential and the joy it brings.
  3. fishbate

    An accident

    That's really sad, accidents really happen everywhere. It's just unfortunate that people have to die just because of little things that was not considered as potential hazard. The best way to avoid accidents is really just to be aware of everything that is around you.
  4. fishbate

    Coffee my energizer

    Yup too much of everything is bad, but i think 2-3 small cups of coffee is not too much. I just consider it moderate. Although too much coffee is not healthy, there are benefits of drinking coffee specially those natural ones.
  5. fishbate

    Did you ever dig Jazz?

    I love jazz particularly the guitar riffs, i like playing guitar and when i was starting to learn i use to study tabs from jazz music. Great stuff and really catchy too.
  6. fishbate

    Did you ever listen to Classical music?

    I'm into music and i actually play the guitar but classical music hasn't been interesting to me. I't may be that i have no influence in terms of classical music when i was starting to engage in bands and music.
  7. fishbate

    Why do you listen to music

    Well music is a great way to relax and have fun. It's also a good food for the heart and the mind, specially when you need to freshen up from stress and anxiety.
  8. fishbate

    Hikari series: Dangerous Spiderman

    Nice, i like the details on the suit. Also the color effect is stunning, it seems like glowing.
  9. fishbate

    Coffee my energizer

    Yup another coffee drinker here:D. I usually consume 2-3 cups a day regularly and what i love about it is i like it strong specially in the morning. The morning coffee is the most important to me because it's give me the initial boost to start the day.
  10. fishbate

    Deadpool or FNAF

    Deadpool all the way, i just love the character and there's no question the design is great along with the accessories.
  11. fishbate

    Coming Soon: Pop! Royals!

    Meghan is still beautiful even at POP:D. The wedding dress is stunning, i could say one of the most sexiest POP i have seen in a wedding dress.
  12. fishbate

    Coming Soon: Pop! Royals!

    I like Queen Elizabeth, very cute yet formal. I also love the attire very classy and sophisticated. The hat looks like a cake :p. I love it...
  13. fishbate

    Coming Soon: Jumping Mega Man Pop!

    Another classic character that i remember having a good time with. I use to play Megaman on NES and had a great time with friends playing it. This would be a nice addition to my collection.
  14. fishbate

    Coming Soon: 90s Nickelodeon!

    Now i miss Krumm! Rugrats a classic that i usually watch on TV when i was a kid. I remember that i was first scared watching it then after a while i started laughing. Nice to see things from your kid days.
  15. fishbate

    Toys and computer games

    I agree, guidance and discipline would give my kids the benefits of the two ways of having fun.When i was a kid i used to play video games and i had skills developed by playing arcade and console so i think its still beneficial with the right amount of monitoring and guidance.
  16. fishbate

    Who loves Street Fighter Funko Pop?

    I would go for Guile, i use to play this character before on arcade centers and have fun challenging other Street Fighter players.
  17. fishbate

    Marvel Thor: Ragnarok

    Lol, great design and really well made. This one is very a very good addition for my collections.
  18. fishbate

    How about an Astroboy POP

    I have came across an image of Astroboy in social media. I realized that i watched this character when i was a kids for several years. The last time i saw Astroboy was in a movie but that's it. I wonder if they have the character in POP? Would you like to have one in POP?
  19. fishbate


    Great new color for Raphael, not bad for a silver turtle :D. But i think they also have to color the belt. The head band and wraps color are the only way to determine the character, so i think they also need to include the weapons.
  20. fishbate

    My Hero Academia POPs

    Wow, that's great! The details on All might is really well made. Also that smile makes the POP more enticing.
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