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    Well I was 3 hours stranded because of heavy rain and flood, No buses and taxi. I went home that even my socks are all wet.
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    The Country of interest to you right now.

    I think the New Zealand for me. It's looks peaceful and there's a lot of place to go if you want to enjoy the environment. The weather also is good, and aside from that, some of my relatives are already there.
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    Pre-Owned or New Figures

    I think depends on the item or things. But as long as I can, I want to buy a new one. I always wanted to become the first owner. But if the item is still in good condition and cheaper, why not. You're right, buying second hand unit will save you a lot, and I think the practical way to do...
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    Why do you listen to music

    That's why the people really love the music, they feel that they are not alone and they can relate to the music because it's also happens to their life. Their feelings or pain that they can't tell to anyone suddenly releases because of the music.
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    Dreams : Do you believe in them

    I have watch some documentaries about this dream and they said that if you are fully motivated about thoughts or your plan when you're still awake and it happens to your dream, most of the time it will happens in your real life or will become reality.
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    Did you ever listen to Classical music?

    Not really, I'm not into that music, something like opera. That sounds elegant and really a master piece. But I do like to listen each of their instrument, like the violin, base, but just individual instrument and not all of instrument playing music together.
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    How do you guys stay positive?

    Kids are really good source of motivation. If you need strength, just look at your kids, and you're right, by keep doing that there's is no chance to become negative in life. Your past situation will make you stronger and become much more positive thinker.
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    Why do you listen to music

    Well, behind the lyrics of the songs are the reality. The composers are just adding music and rhyme lyrics to hide the pain behind the songs, instead to just tell the story in very dramatic way, they make it more interesting.
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    Coffee my energizer

    Yeah, you're right. There was a time that I just want to sleep during the whole day, specially if I don't have a work, and I think this is also the cause of my vertigo, I read about that in some article online when I trying to find the cause of my vertigo.
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    Toys and computer games

    Yeah, like what I said. But I think for me, I will allow my kids to do more physical games and activities and be active in different sports. At young age, they should enjoy the environment and not the corner of our house. :)
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    Coffee my energizer

    Yeah, me too. Actually even before sleep, I used to drink a cup coffee, maybe that's the reason why sometimes it's hard for me to sleep, but that's my routine. I drink 3 to 4 glasses a day, and more during my night shift.
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    Do you have anything against smokers

    You're right. There's proper fine for those smokers in our country right now. Honestly I'm smoker and I'm trying to quit, but sad to say, as long as I see someone smoking it's looks like they encourages me to smoke again. LOL. And yeah, I lose the battle again. :)
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    How do you guys stay positive?

    If we surrounded by these people, we surely become like them. Life is too short to waste our time in negative people. Yeah, just be happy, Cheers. :)
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    Toys and computer games

    When I was a kid, I always play in the farm, computer games is not really popular during that time, specially in our province. I just become addicted to super mario when I started to study, but still, playing outside and traditional games was still the best during that time. And you're right...
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    Why do you listen to music

    Yeah and I think life is really boring without music. It's not just a simple music for some people, this also the way for them to release their pain.
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    Toys... the benefit of playing.

    You're right. The benefits of toys is not about fun, it will also helps the child to develop their brain and their skills. That's why much better to give them toys related to physical activities and developing their mind, and as long as we can, we should not allowed them to use gadgets.
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    Can you live a day without your phone.

    Honestly I can. I'm just using my phone most of the time to listen to my playlist, while going to work, or going back home. It's alright for me to leave my phone if I'm going to work. Browsing, checking my mails and social media, I usually do these on my desktop.
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    Do you dream of working abroad?

    You have a point. That's my problem also in our country, my salary in a month by working 8 hours a day is not really enough. I think my 1 year salary its just three or four months if I will work abroad. That's why many people here wanted to work abroad even they know how dangerous is it.
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    How do you guys stay positive?

    You're right. Toxic people will drag you down, they're not helping actually. So, as long as we can, much better to avoid them, not totally avoid them but just put some barrier between them, when they started they drama, go home immediately. LOL..
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    You're right. Kids should have responsibilities even at young age. It's not punishment, it's responsibility, kids will become smart by doing that and will bring this lesson when they get older.
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