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  1. IamHans

    What makes you happy?

    There are a lot of things that makes people happy. So what makes me happy? Well, I am the kind of person that is always happy and see the beauty in all things. First, I get happy when I play games, get along with my friends, talking with my family, learning a new song to play in my guitar, and...
  2. IamHans

    Do you have anything against smokers

    I have a heart issue and sometimes it is very hard for me to breathe. When some smokers smoke near me and the smoke coming from their cigarette goes to me, it becomes really hard for me to breath so sometimes I just don't go near to people who are smoking or just cover my nose if I ever...
  3. IamHans

    Are you into healthy lifestyle?

    Well, last year I have a nice and fit body until this summer happened. My mom cooked delicious meals and I can't hold myself from eating so much and right now I think I've gained 3-5 kilos I think and I got chubby now. So right now I am starting to exercise and play basketball to lose some fats...
  4. IamHans

    What is Your Favorite Song For All Time

    I really like listening to music especially when I'm bored, studying, doing some assignments, doing chores. I like listening to music because it makes me focus on the thing that I am doing because I kinda have a noisy surroundings so that's why I prefer music than those loud noises I hear. I...
  5. IamHans

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I only have two days for my free time, it's Saturday and Sunday. Well, I normally play video games in my computer and mobile phone, what I usually play is Skyrim, League of Legends and Mobile Legends. I also practice playing my guitar and right now I am practicing the song Versace on the Floor...
  6. IamHans

    Cats or dogs?

    I am right now living with both a dog and a cat, 2 dogs and 1 cat. Well, they are very cute and so playful but I think cats are better because they are very caring and they can clean themselves too. But I really love my pets they give joy to our house and I don't know what would I've do if I...
  7. IamHans

    Can you live a day without your phone.

    Yeah, I survived weeks without using my phone and I just need my guitar, television, and foods to keep me going. We all got hobbies and things to do, we don't need to put all our time in our mobile phones.
  8. IamHans

    Who's your favorite Funko action figure in DC Comics?

    I really love Flash and I don't know if they have the Flash Funko action figure. I started loving Flash when I watched The Flash series and I really liked the story line and right now I am just hoping it has a season 5 because I just finished watching the full season 4. Does anyone likes flash too?
  9. IamHans

    What is your favorite game to play on your computer?

    My most favorite game to play in my computer is Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V. It is one of the best open world games because of the unique and cool gameplay, storyline and the DLC's in the game. I think what makes it cool, is the ability of your character to have the power of the dragon and also you...
  10. IamHans

    What is your most favorite thing to do?

    My favorite thing to do is playing video games like League of Legends, Skyrim, Fallout, and Mobile Legends. I both play in computers and mobile phones. But not everything is games right? So sometimes I like to play my guitar and learn new songs, right now I am practicing the song Versace on the...
  11. IamHans

    Erik Killmonger joins the Black Panther Funko line!

    Wow! This figurine really looks cool. I like what they did to every details of the character and well for me Killmonger is not the best villain, I think it is Venom and I'm really excited for his own movie. And by the way, I think the product is really expensive but it's not my decision to make...
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