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  1. Heatman

    Crying over broken toy

    The way my kid brother cries over his toys whenever they brake feels like part of his life have been cut off. I can't stand it most of the time and it's why I replace his broken toys immediately.
  2. Heatman

    Making your own Toys.

    I have been learning how to make my own toys now and it's really been going well. I'm watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to make my own toys now.
  3. Heatman

    Do you still use flash drive?

    I can't remember the last time I saw a flash drive. I haven't used it in ages. I'm very sure that there are some people who are still making use of it but it's not for me now.
  4. Heatman

    Do you make use of perfume?

    My lover will always tell you that smelling good is good for business. I spend a lot of money my personal upkeep and that includes my perfumes. My classic perf costs $200.
  5. Heatman

    Do you like Facebook or Instagram?

    Instagram is a very good social media platform. It's a lot more mature than Facebook and it's why I favor it over Facebook.
  6. Heatman

    How many Gmail accounts do you have?

    If I'm being very honest with you, I will tell you that I don't know the number of Gmail accounts that I have currently. I'm into email marketing and it's why I have so many. It should be over 50 Gmail accounts.
  7. Heatman

    What's your favorite beer?

    Budweiser is my favourite beer right now. I used to enjoyed taking Guinness stout but recently I fell in love with Budweiser.
  8. Heatman

    Are you enjoying some online sites?

    I have actually used most of the sites that you have listed out here except for one of them which is http://www.skylom.com/esteban. How good is the website and how does it pay?
  9. Heatman

    Do you believe in success?

    As for me, what I can't success would be financial freedom. Once you have financial freedom, that's the highest point of success in my opinion. Making money every day is my purpose in life.
  10. Heatman

    Do you cook for your family?

    Unfortunately, I have not interest in cooking. I don't know how to cook anything except for boiling hot water . I'm a lazy bum .
  11. Heatman

    Board Games

    The only board games that I have always loved to play is Chess games. My grandfather taught me how to play and I have never beaten him for once.
  12. Heatman

    Your very first toy you enjoy most during your childhood

    I had one helicopter toy when I was still a a kid. It was battery powered. I couldn't stop playing with it. It broke my heart the day it flew off our balcony and crashed.
  13. Heatman

    What are your plans this 2018?

    How time flies, we are now in 2022 already. 2022 is almost close to finishing up. My plans for this year is to get better at Forex and Stock trading.
  14. Heatman

    Kids and Toys - Being Safe

    This is why it's very important that you choose toys that are designed in a way that's completely safe for kids to use. It's not something that's supposed to have too much rough edges.
  15. Heatman

    What toys did you like as a child?

    That's a Sega Genesis console right.. It's my favourite after Satrun. Games can be considered toys too and I agree well with it. We spend lots of time playing them.
  16. Heatman

    Making Your Own Toys

    I'm not skilled at making my own toys. I have always resorted to buying my toys. It's very much better for me that way. I'm not complaining anyways.
  17. Heatman

    Are you picky with your kids's toys?

    I also worry about what my kids do with their toys. It's my duty to take care of them and look after them with how they use their toys. I'm not comfortable with them getting other kid's toy home.
  18. Heatman

    Do you like gold jewelry?

    I'm more of a silver and diamond lover. Gold colour is good but it's not for me. I love the colour of silver more than gold. I blend in well with silver colour than gold.
  19. Heatman

    Toy Collection

    I still collect toys now as an adult but it's not like I used to when I was still a teenager. They were a bit expensive back then. I have managed to spend over $3000 on toys till now.
  20. Heatman

    Where are you from?

    I'm from Nigeria . It's biggest country in Africa. My country is always referred to the giant of Africa . Not so many people here are into toys but I love them so much.
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