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  1. Frost

    Do you like to unwind?

    As far as I'm concerned, a human being is supposed to unwind from so many things that have been going on in their lives because this is the only way you can be able to recollect everything that have happened to know if you have handled things the way you should have and also to know how to...
  2. Frost

    Do you like to buy toys online?

    I love buying everything online. It's only when I cannot be able to find whatever I want to buy online that I will be pushed to see if it is going to be possible for me to buy it a shopping mall or any stores that I can find offline.
  3. Frost

    Kids and Toys - Being Safe

    My kids are always looked after by their nanny and she always make sure that each and every one of the funko toys they have played with are picked and packed in the box where they are kept to avoid any of them getting injured by the toys.
  4. Frost

    What's the most expensive Funko toy you purchased?

    Expensive funko toys doesn't mean it is original. This is the reason why I don't look at the expensive toys to be the best one for me to buy but I always look for originality in any kind of funko toy that I want to buy. I've never spent more than $70 on many funko toy that I've bought.
  5. Frost

    Making Your Own Toys

    I've used 3D printing to make a few toys for myself and my dogs too. I love creative toys which I can't get exactly what I want from the stores.
  6. Frost

    Do you like buying imitation toys?

    This is exactly what I make sure of doing whenever I'm buying any kind of toy. It doesn't make any sense why I should buy fake or imitation toys when I know that I can sell them for better gain in the future.
  7. Frost

    Baby Funko Pop ?!?!

    I would love to have them too. Imagine having baby Superman, Batman and so many other super heros in their baby form. If they do it, I will collect as many as I can afford to.
  8. Frost

    Your very first toy you enjoy most during your childhood

    I had a lot of barbie doll toys when I was still a kid. They were my favourite and they all looked so lovely and pretty in their dress . I had about 15 different set of 30 cm toys of them.
  9. Frost

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    What I love to do in my free time is watch movies and TV shows, play video games and sleep. I really love getting enough sleep because it helps me to be healthy.
  10. Frost


    I think you should consider not buying any new toys for him because the ones that he currently owned, he is not taking very good care of them and I believe that you should take some of the toys away so that he will have a few of them to play with.
  11. Frost

    Funko toys injuries?

    My little cousin swallowed one of his small or should I say tiny Funko toys. They had to operate on him to get it out. After that incident, I stopped buying toys that are tiny in order to avoid that happening again.
  12. Frost

    I used to sleep with toy in my bed

    You obviously love your toys so much for you to be going to bed with it. I didn't do that with my toys but my Gameboy console. I couldn't let go. I make sure to stay with it everywhere I go. I even go to school with it.
  13. Frost

    Are you not ashamed playing toys even if you're already grown-up now?

    This is the same stupid mindset some people have about adults who are into playing video games too. Well, everyone is free to be mad in their thoughts and I'm never going to bother about it.
  14. Frost

    Do you have any colour preference for your Funko toys?

    Colour doesn't matter to me that much with my toys. As long as they are exactly what I want, I'm very cool with any colour they come in. Although, white toys would be the last colour I would go for.
  15. Frost

    Does any of your kid hate toys?

    Some kids love playing video games more than any other kind of hobby. They can't be blamed because playing video games can be so much fun than just playing with toys. You will get bored with toys quickly.
  16. Frost

    Have you pre ordered any Toy?

    I order for The Witcher Funko toy set last month and it's through ebay that I used to purchase the toys. They look very good and in perfect shape. I order all of my toys from ebay.
  17. Frost

    Catra’s Funko Pop for Sale Thread

    This Lady Loki looks very good. I like it so much. I have been looking for something similar. I might be interested in buying it. Which means of payment do you take?
  18. Frost

    Toy Collection

    I really wished I could have taken my Funko Pop toys collection very seriously when I was still a kid. I had so many of them but I kept giving them away to my friends and relatives. Now, I still have about 70 toys left which would have been over 300.
  19. Frost

    Do you believe in success?

    If I don't believe in success, there's not going to be any need for me to wake up everyday and force my to work hard. Being successful is the very reason why I work hard every day and I will be very rich too
  20. Frost

    Are you enjoying some online sites?

    One the website that I really enjoyed some years ago was Postloop and Bizdustry. Postloop stopped working at one point and Bizdustry stop paying how good it used to pay.
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