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    Do you like buying imitation toys?

    Personally No. Even if I really want something, for example the original 1977 Boba Fett figure, I would never buy a fake or “imitation”. I would just have to live without it.
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    Harry Potter Action Figures

    I love Harry Potter. I don’t collect them thought, the only Harry Potter pop I have is the LACC one that’s LE 2000
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    Best selling between Xbox Series and PS5?

    PlayStation 5 is a lot better and offers a better gaming experience. If your looking to use a console just for media Xbox is better, but for gaming PlayStation takes it
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    Pillow or No Pillow for Sleeping?

    I don’t know about y’all but I need at least 2 pillows!
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    We need a Funko Store on the east coast!

    Who else thinks we need an official Funko store on the east coast? It can be in Florida or New York, or wherever is seen fit. But don’t we eastcoasters deserve a store like Hollywood near us??! It would be awesome let’s make it happen Funko
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    Can animal toys be cool for an adult male?

    Nothing wrong with a Dragon or Trex. But My my little pony might be crossing the line
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    May the 4th - Pop! Mega Darth Vader

    I need one of those
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    Can you live a day without your phone.

    Everyone can, but do we want to? No.
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    Nightmares from Toys

    Dolls would always freak me out. My Gram had her guest room full with dolls and I would always refuse to step foot in there. RIP Grammie
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