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  1. JustBeCool

    Thor : Ragnarok PoPs !

    Loki's Pop version is made to look nice and neat here. That's cool! At least the PoP version doesn't look that much villainy. :D And the PoP Hulk-Thor is, OMG! I never really thought of that! That's one heck of a fusion there! It's really collection-worthy.
  2. JustBeCool

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: TV - Game of Thrones, Stranger Things & Doctor Who!

    Yeah, what a coincidence! :cool: I love how the Funko version white walker is so detailed but made to look really fierce but really cool at the same time. Looking forward to some more white walker action in Season 8!
  3. JustBeCool

    Erik Killmonger joins the Black Panther Funko line!

    Oh, there's also a Black Panther Funko line! Cool! Awesome neat little details there for Killmonger! Now this makes me wanna start a Black Panther collection. And Killmonger will make a great first.
  4. JustBeCool

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Cuphead & Street Fighter!

    I'm a fan of the Street Fighter game consoles. I used to play them with my brothers and we were beating the heck out of each other back then. This shirt would be a nice Street Fighter flashback fan uniform for the three of us. Haha! Nice! I love the comic trip look too. It makes it more 90s-ish.
  5. JustBeCool

    Coming Soon: 90s Nickelodeon!

    Though I'm not really a Nickelodeon fan, but the Pop version of these Nickelodeon characters would do for nice little treats for my nieces and nephews. They would surely love these! My top picks for cute presents would be Ickis, Chuckie, and CatDog. Time for some Nickelodeon Pop hunt!
  6. JustBeCool

    Emerald City Comic Con Exclusives Recap!

    I never really thought about the rest of the Emerald City characters, except the popular ones that appeared mostly from the classic The Wizard of Oz. I didn't know there's actually a separate Emerald City series. There are also lots of other featured Emerald City characters! This is awesome! It...
  7. JustBeCool

    Coming Soon: Altered Beast 8-Bit Pop!

    While they may not be appealing to some, these two versions of Altered Beast's Warewolf both in gray and gold colors would definitely score a unique find for avid collectors. They're such a precious catch worth the space in a collector's display.
  8. JustBeCool

    Riverdale Pop

    Archie is one of my favorite comic book series and it's been part of my childhood. It's nice that it could come alive with Funko Pops! I'd start with Archie, then Jughead, Betty and Veronica, And Cheryl Blossom, too! Though the Archie pop here looks kind'a neater than the one in the comic books...
  9. JustBeCool

    Who's your fave? Limited Edition Justice League Pops by funko

    Though they're not really my favorite Justice League characters, my top 3 favorite Funko Justice League Pop action figures are Spiderman, Mera and Aquaman. I love the tiny cute details that these three underrated characters are made of. It'd be really nice to have them on display. I love...
  10. JustBeCool

    Comment by 'JustBeCool' in media 'popeye.jpg'

    My 90s TV life ain't complete without Popeye! This is totally awesome!
  11. JustBeCool

    Comment by 'JustBeCool' in media 'popeye.jpg'

    His nose looks really funny! Haha! I love Popeye! And now I love it more that there's a Popeye Pop! LOL. It'd be nicer with the rest of the gang though. Olive Oyl, Poopdeck Pappy, Swee'Pea, Wimpy, and Bluto. Having a Popeye Pop collection like that would be awesome to relive happy childhood days...
  12. JustBeCool

    Comment by 'JustBeCool' in media 'Pop! Games: Mega Man'

    Well, I'm not really into Mega Man, as I'm more of an Astro Boy fan, but this Mega Man Pop in here looks really nice and collectible-worthy. And it's made to look refreshingly cute with the Funko twist. So even fans and non-fans alike would surely love to have it. I'm thinking...why not have...
  13. JustBeCool

    New DC Bombshells Rock Candy

    Now we have Batwoman and Harley Quinn! As always, I love the hairstyles and outfits of these babies, and the rest of the DC Bombshells squad! And it's nice that they have individual transparent stands for making awesome display of these cuties. I think they should have a fan based fashion show...
  14. JustBeCool

    Comment by 'JustBeCool' in media 'throne.jpeg'

    Jon Snow is another favorite GoT character. And I'd love to have this cute little Pop keychain of him. Time to buy one now!
  15. JustBeCool

    Comment by 'JustBeCool' in media '1436_3266_30329_LooneyTunes_ElmerFuddViking_Dorbz_GLAM_ECCC1000_copy_large.png'

    Elmer in a Viking suit looks really cool! I used to hate this guy for hunting wabbits, but just look at that!!! Whoa! Nice and shiny. Funko never fails to make cute little touches to all-time favorites.
  16. JustBeCool

    Metallic Megazord Image

    Whoa! A cute little shrunken Megazord! LOL! Being a Power Rangers fan, I find this Megazord Pop a relief from the huge, serious-looking ones out there. It's like a baby Megazord or something. Haha!
  17. JustBeCool

    Comment by 'JustBeCool' in media 'Queen Elizabeth II'

    Queen Elizabeth's outfit here is really made to look sooo cute! And OMG, look at those eyes! The details are just so simple but they look really elegant. This mini-Queen Elizabeth II PoP here would definitely make a cute little present.
  18. JustBeCool

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: Saga!

    Awww! Cute little Prince Robot IV is sad. I've never actually seen him like this. Though yeah, it's a nice addition to the Prince Robot fandom collectibles. The Funko touch made it look not that sad. And the broken screen thingy still looks nice on him. Haha!
  19. JustBeCool

    Specialty Series: Wolfman Pop!

    I don't know, but this Wolfman thing here looks kind'a different. Where are the black eye dots?! LOL! And they made his eyes look more popped out than sharp and they're a little bit too neon green-ish. Haha! But this looks really nice. I'd love to have another Wolfman version though. Maybe a...
  20. JustBeCool

    2018 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals: DC!

    While some hardcore Batman fans out there may frown at the dark Mr. Bruce Wayne turning all-green, this cute Emerald City Batman thingy here is such a unique stash. It's another funky Funko find that's worth a little room in the display. Say hello to Batman at the Emerald City!
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