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  1. Frank

    Do you like Facebook or Instagram?

    I will also decide to go with Facebook as well. Do you have any reason for deciding to make use of Facebook more instead of Instagram? If yes, what could be the reasons?
  2. Frank

    Are you active on X?

    The X app, formerly known as Twitter, has witnessed a lot of changes. Some of those changes are like the monetization of the blue tick. Are you still active on that app?
  3. Frank

    What email provider do you use?

    There are a lot of email providers that we have all over the Internet, but the popular ones are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail. Aside from them, we have a couple of others. When it comes to using one, which ones do you go for?
  4. Frank

    anyone have information about 2001: a Space Odyssey Pops?

    The space odyssey pops has been featuring Dave Bowman and Monolith. You need to check the official website for extra information and the thing is that most of the characters are still very much around.
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