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    When last did you masturdate?

    The thing with going out alone is always the ability to have fun alone. I have been to some couple of places alone and had fun, which is good. Have you always gone out alone? What was your experience like?
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    What's the most expensive Funko toy you purchased?

    Prices for funko toys ranges $10 to $15. It is always all about finding out the ones that you think your little kid can like. I have that mindset and it has been of great help to me so far whenever I go out to buy new toys for my little ones at home.
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    Do you like to unwind?

    It is important to hang out some weekends, especially when you are looking at becoming better at what you do. This is why I am not against hanging out during weekends as long as it is for the right reasons.
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    Kids and Toys - Being Safe

    This is true. It is not even all types of toys that are safe for the kids to be left alone to play with. This is the reason it is very important to follow parental guidelines on the types of toys to get.
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    Do you like to unwind?

    This is very important. Handling stress will involve unwinding whenever that you have the opportunity to do so. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to relax and have fun whenever that the need arises.
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    Hey, @Sara Welcome to the community. It is a great place to relish all your childhood memories once again. I am looking forward to learning and sharing the fun with you.
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