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  1. Sara

    Who loves Street Fighter Funko Pop?

    I love street fighter and they are one of my best collection. I didn't own one but I have always love Ryu. I hope to get him one of this days.
  2. Sara

    "Pop" Yourself

    Oh, wow!! I will like to have a Funko pop of myself. I have always imagined that I will be my own Funko toy and even too beautiful for others to buy them too.
  3. Sara

    Any Indication We Will See Sports Stars?

    I love Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best among all in the world of football. I will be interested to have them as my Funko toys.
  4. Sara

    Do you like collecting Funko T-shirts?

    I don't have the idea or the knowledge about the t-shirts. I never knew that Funko also did shirts. I am hoping to find the t-shirt and get my exact colour preference. I am getting anxious and curious to see how they will look on me.
  5. Sara

    What's your favourite Pop in your collection?

    I love all my Funko collections. But I got to find out that I always handle Batman and the Joker more carefully than the others. They are my favourites I think.
  6. Sara

    What are some of the rarest Pops you've come across?

    Batman and the Joker was the rarest collection of Funko toys that I have. I make sure to keep it away from my sister's eyes. I wasn't the one that got them, they were gifts. I browsed about them when it was given to me and it was way too expensive.
  7. Sara

    What Do You Think Of The Wacky Wobblers?

    Some people love wacky Wobblers but to me, it's too scary to keep as a toy. I am not interested in keeping them as toys. They are too creepy and I always freak out whenever I see their image.
  8. Sara

    What is the most disturbing Wacky Wobbler you've seen so far?

    I had never liked Wacky Wobblers. I can't say they are cute at all. I am not seeing any unique personality in here. It's too horrible and scary. It creeps me out whenever I see them.
  9. Sara

    I used to sleep with toy in my bed

    I remember that my mother had us promise to pack up the toys after playing by so time and if we failed to do it, she would not allow us to play with them again. We will play with our toys all day especially when we are on holiday but she won't allow you to take it past the collection box when...
  10. Sara

    Musical Toys

    Musical toys has a lot of benefits for children and also adults especially in social, emotional and physical development. It introduces children to different sounds, rhythm and it improves language development and sharp memory. It's another way to introduce children/adults to the world of...
  11. Sara

    Why do you listen to music

    Music does a lot of things. There won't be a ceremony that doesn't require music, there isn't any gathering that doesn't need music. Music is a great joy, inspiration and love to everyone. Music will continue to live in us and around us.
  12. Sara

    Why do you listen to music

    It seems as if we have the same mindset about music. Music is therapeutic. It helps to relieve me of my stress. Whenever I am too tired but need to work, music boosts my adrenaline too. I don't overthink whenever I am playing music.
  13. Sara

    How do you clean and maintain your Funko Pops?

    I regularly dust my Funko pops using soft cloth, or I can use a gentle brush to remove the accumulated dust. I display them where there's no direct sun in order to prevent the fading of their colour.
  14. Sara

    How do you keep track of your collection?

    I don't use any method in keeping track of my toys. I don't forget things easily and I place them where I can see and feel them. At the process of getting another one, I can remember the ones I had before.
  15. Sara

    Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?

    I don't have difficulty sleeping at night. I know that too much thinking used to cause sleepless night sometimes or being sick can bring about difficulty in sleeping too. The only time that I have difficulty sleeping at night was whenever I think too much, I will be tossing round the bed...
  16. Sara

    Looking forward to watching Black Panther

    Oh my!! I watched Black Panther and it was good, fun and captivated. I enjoyed every bit of the scenes displayed in the movie. I can rate the movie 9/10. Looking forward to watch movies like black panther.
  17. Sara

    Why do you listen to music

    There is a saying that goes, "music doesn't need the permission to enter the soul" and that have been the truth. Music is the food of the soul. I think almost everybody on earth love playing music depending on the one they love or like.
  18. Sara

    Pillow or No Pillow for Sleeping?

    This is how I sleep too. I feel too suffocated when I am using pillow. I will be turning in the bed and feeling uncomfortable and body pains. But whenever I sleep without pillow, I always wake up so agile and strengthen.
  19. Sara

    Pillow or No Pillow for Sleeping?

    Some people find sleeping with pillow very comfortable and I guess you are one of them. I can only use pillow whenever I am stressed out. I always make sure I throw down the pillow on the ground so that I can have a larger space to spread my body.
  20. Sara

    Can you live a day without your phone.

    Everybody is being addicted to their phone even the grandparents. Technology have made everything easy that if you leave your phone for some minutes, you might miss a bigger work from your clients and I also know that businesses are now online more than offline.
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