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  1. Sheester

    Did you ever listen to Classical music?

    I am not a fan of classical music but I do listen to it often times. The genre sometimes make us fall asleep because of its cold voices and very enlightening sounds .
  2. Sheester

    How often do you visit the gym?

    Visiting to gym is one way to get fit. Many people that are health conscious regurlary visit the place. For me, as a busy mother and a working mom, as much as i wanted to visit the gym to be sexier, I dont have an ample time to do it.
  3. Sheester

    Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?

    I am so loaded everyday and I am starving for sleep. But sometimes, if you feel to much sleepy and yet cannot still rest because you still have lots of things to be done and time comes that you want sleep, your body will not cooperate and its hard to fall asleep though.
  4. Sheester

    Toys and computer games

    I we will conduct a survey in this generation, many would prefer computer games than toys. Even toddlers make fun on watching kiddy videos and not by playing toys. Both are enjoyable but the time span intended playing computer games is much longer than playing toys.
  5. Sheester

    Why do you listen to music

    We need to listen to music to relax our mind, heart and soul. Its one of the outlet to relieve our stress. And one way also to make our day happy.
  6. Sheester

    Crying over broken toy

    I dont think that crying over a broken toy can help to fix it. But we cant blame if they really love their stuffs. There are many ways to fix broken things so before shelling out tears, maybe its better to find remedy first.
  7. Sheester

    Do you have anything against smokers

    I am not a smoker but sorry to say that I really love those people who smokes. That the weird part of me.
  8. Sheester

    What is Your Favorite Song For All Time

    I have so many favorite songs but on top of it is Superhuman. I wont missed singing this song everytime our karaoke turns on.
  9. Sheester

    What makes you happy?

    Seeing my love ones happy makes me feel happy too. The reason for all my hardworks right now is for them all just to provide their needs and feel them happy. Seeing their smile and happiness is the happiest feeling I feel.
  10. Sheester

    Is anyone into cuddly toys?

    I am! I love hugging toys especially my favorite cartoon character.
  11. Sheester

    Dreams : Do you believe in them

    There are instances that pushes me to believe that dreams are real. I had been dreamt for 3 consecutive nights with a teeth falling apart from my gums. Through research, the meaning of it is someone that is important to your life will soon pass away. And true! After that 3 days of dreaming, my...
  12. Sheester

    Are you into healthy lifestyle?

    I am trying to inline with healthy lifestyle. So hard to avoid soda.:D. Just an average healthy living right now.
  13. Sheester

    Why do you listen to music

    Relaxing our mind is one of the reason why we need to listen to music. I mean not all but mostly that's the reason. Many of us are music lover and can't live without it. We make our feelings lighter everytime we listen to our favorites.
  14. Sheester

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    How i wish I do have enough free time. Early mornig I wake up to do household chores like laundry and cleaning the kitchen. When my baby woke up, I nurse with her, took her a bath and wait for her daddy to arrive from work. Then, I go to the office doing some stuffs for eight hours. Go home at...
  15. Sheester

    Coffee my energizer

    Wow! my energizer too.. Coffee.. I cant live without coffee. Im having back pain and feel so tired if I cannnot drink coffee within the day. Nescafe 3in1 original is the best coffee in town!:D
  16. Sheester

    Do you like to unwind?

    Wandering solemn places when I feel so down is the best. Unwinding myself for sometime makes me feel refresh after doing so. It is very important that we will treat ourselves after a long tiring week to recover our energy and gain another enthusiasm for another working week. Best to unwid with...
  17. Sheester

    Crying over broken toy

    Having your favorite toy is such an awesome feeling that you will not get bored from time to time because you have it. We all know that nothing is permanent and even the most take cared stuffs can be broken. But if that time comes, that would be the most negligence ever.
  18. Sheester

    Do you like to buy toys online?

    For my 2 year old daughter and now enjoying the fun of toys, I am comfortable in buying it through online. Hassle free and lots of variety. You will not go to other store if its not available to the store you are currently visiting. Very nice idea to those who started and created the online...
  19. Sheester

    happy are those contented!

    happy are those contented!
  20. Sheester

    Pillow or No Pillow for Sleeping?

    I'd prefer to have no pillows while sleeping. It makes me feel comfortable and my body goes down flat to the bed. With that I really can feel the meaning of Sweet Dreams. ;)
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