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  1. Bumble

    What make you motivate to have toys?

    Toys are play things for me when I was a kid. I liked them so much. I wouldn't call them anything of motivation but something that I like so much. I've invested more than $2k in toys.
  2. Bumble

    Are you picky with your kids's toys?

    I'm not actually picky with the toys of my kids. They kid's toys are choosen by them. Whatever they like and want is what I buy for them as long as I can afford it.
  3. Bumble

    Toy Collection

    I have not really collected much when it comes to toy as an adult because it is something that I have moved on from when I became an adult. When I was still a kid, I believe that I must have collected so much as I spent almost all the money that I was given as a kid in buying toys.
  4. Bumble

    Pre-Owned or New Figures

    I have purchased both second hand and brand new action fighters figures. I love those kind of Funko Pops. I recently purchased a second hand value Darksied for $40.
  5. Bumble

    Does any of your kid hate toys?

    All of my kids love toys. Why will they hate what's making they happy? They play a lot and they why their toys are big companies in their lives at the moment.
  6. Bumble

    Is anyone into cuddly toys?

    I never had any toy that's big enough for me to cuddle up with it. The only thing that I had then which I could cuddle with is my pillow. My toys are smaller action figures.
  7. Bumble

    I used to sleep with toy in my bed

    My parents never allowed me to still have my toys when I'm done playing with them. All of them are boxed and packed up. Tomorrow when I want to play with them, they would be brought out.
  8. Bumble

    Crying over broken toy

    I never cried over any of my broken toys because I had so many toys that I can even play with. Whenever any of my toys brake, I am simply just going to discard it and pick up another one and start playing with it when I was a kid. I know some kids didn't have this kind of privilege but it was...
  9. Bumble


    Take away all of his toys from him. It's going to make him feel sad and after a while tell him the reason why his toys was taken away. When you finally give them to him back, he's definitely going to behave.
  10. Bumble

    Best selling between Xbox Series and PS5?

    When Playstation 5 was not available in the market, Xbox Series X sold more than it for months. This is because gamers had no choice but to buy it since they can't see PS5 to buy. But now, PS5 is more in the market and it's selling like wildfire.
  11. Bumble

    Toys and computer games

    I played more computer video games when I was still a teenager than how often I played with my Funko toys. Some kids are like that because we find playing video more fun than playing with toys.
  12. Bumble

    Kids and Toys - Being Safe

    This is why I'm very selective of the kind of toys that I purchase for my kids because there are some toys that are very capable of hurting them big time. Toys that are too rough with pointy ends would never be purchased by me.
  13. Bumble

    Do you have any colour preference for your Funko toys?

    I'm the kind of person who's colour sensitive in everything that I own. The same thing is applicable to all of my Funko toys collection. I'm attached to blue, purple and red colours for all my toys. Does anyone else have this kind of preference for their Funko toys?
  14. Bumble

    Have you sold any of your old Funko toys online?

    I don't have any business trying to sell any of my toys online because I prefer to keep them for a very long time and almost pass it along to my siblings and cousins.
  15. Bumble

    Do you like big toys?

    For kids, big toys might be very challenging for them to make use of when they are playing. But who says that toys are only meant for kids? Adults can have their own toys too. I loved bigger toys as a kid though.
  16. Bumble

    I'm looking Burnout 3 : Takedown Rare Funko Toys

    I actually looked for it through searching on Google but nothing came up. It rather brought out the game itself for me to buy. I'm not sure if there's a Funko toy on Burnout 3 : Takedown.
  17. Bumble

    What toys did you like as a child?

    I love toys that are more of robots and cars when I was still a kid. I love messing around cars and that's why I picked up the interest for being a mechanical engineer. It all started at my time as a kid with cars and robots.
  18. Bumble

    Toys vs Video Games

    As a kid if this two options were presented to me, I would have easily chosen toys over playing video games. But now as an adult, it's the difference that's going to hold up for me. Playing video games makes more sense to me now.
  19. Bumble

    Making your own Toys.

    The part where you hunt down villains in your head got me laughing very hard. Well, anything is capable of happening with kids, so I'm not surprised. I was never good at making my own toys as a kid because everything was always bought for me.
  20. Bumble

    Funko toys injuries?

    I have been very careful with how I used all my toys when I was still a kid. My parents made sure that I don't get too rough with playing using my toys. It really helped me a lot.
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