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  1. bienn05


    The only thing that happened to me that I don't like is when me and my girlfriend fight because of some misunderstanding. There is nothing much problem I have now besides that.
  2. bienn05

    The Country of interest to you right now.

    I want to go to Japan someday. I heard a lot of good things about Japan. I heard that food is so great and the place is so clean and beautiful. I wish that someday I can travel their with my family.
  3. bienn05

    What is your food of interest right now?

    I want some burger right now. Any burger will do. I just need some beef in my mouth.
  4. bienn05

    What is your worst jealousy experience?

    I think my worst experience is I chat the guy who is chatting my girlfriend. I tell him to stop bothering my girlfriend. I also tell my girlfriend to just stop being nice and stop chatting guys. It is really good to be nice to everyone but remember to have boundaries.
  5. bienn05

    An accident

    This is a lesson for all of us. Always have a sight on your kids when playing. They don't know what they are doing. Always make sure that there is someone looking after your kid. A second will be a great difference.
  6. bienn05

    What kind of plants do you prefer to buy?

    Bonsai is pretty good. This plant is super cute and good to be gifts. It is also good for displays.
  7. bienn05

    Looking forward to watching Black Panther

    I will be biased with my comment because I am a fan of Marvel movies. Black Panther was a great movie. Same as with all Marvel movies. Graphics and effects are so great. Kudos always to Marvel.
  8. bienn05

    Did you ever listen to Classical music?

    I am not a fan but I listen to it sometimes when I am stress. I find it relaxing to my ears. I find it as my stress reliever.
  9. bienn05

    How often do you visit the gym?

    Before, I regularly visit the gym but after I have suddenly stopped after some lower back issues. I am a basketball player before so I am required to hit the gym regularly but injuries prevent me from doing it. Sadly, I stopped playing and don't even hit the gym after that.
  10. bienn05

    Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?

    Yes, I have a difficulty when sleeping at night. I am used to sleep late so adjusting is very difficult. My body clock is just broken. I am always sleeping at 3 am and I cannot sleep at 9 pm.
  11. bienn05

    Are you not ashamed playing toys even if you're already grown-up now?

    No, I'm not ashamed of it. I don't care if someone will judged me, as long as I am happy nobody can bother me. We all wanted to relieve stress and playing is just one thing you can do to relieve it.
  12. bienn05

    Dreams : Do you believe in them

    I think dreams are things that you are thinking before you sleep. Sometimes, it is a sign of what will happen in the future. It has a lot of interpretations.
  13. bienn05

    Why do you listen to music

    I listen to music to relieve stress. I listen to music to express my feelings. I am a person who don't usually listen to music but when I listen to it, i have some feelings in the moment.
  14. bienn05

    Coffee my energizer

    I don't drink coffee everyday but I like the taste of coffee. I drink coffee when I have colds. It is my remedies for my runny nose. I drink coffee when it is freezing cold. Sometimes, I drink cold coffee when I am with my partner. We are used to go to coffee shops in our dates
  15. bienn05

    Do you have anything against smokers

    I don't blame them if they are addicted to smoking. I just want to tell them to go far places when smoking because second-hand smoke is more dangerous. I wished they are some places were you could only smoke. I hope that people who smoke in public places will get a fine. I wished all smokers are...
  16. bienn05

    Do you like to unwind?

    We need to unwind every now and then. We need to relax and stay away from stress. Don't just think of work because it might kill you. Just feel the world and enjoy that you are alive. We are all human and deserve a break sometimes. Give yourself a reward for all your hard work. It is sometimes...
  17. bienn05

    How do you handle a cheating partner?

    If you are not sure if your partner is cheating or not, just stay positive and relax. Don't try to harass your partner to admit if he/she is cheating. Just try to catch him/her if your instinct is true. If it is true then just leave your partner and don't ever talk to him/her again.
  18. bienn05

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    I do a lot in my spare time. First, I do some cleaning stuff. I clean my room and make sure to-do list is done. After that, I will clean myself, from head to toe. Then I will start to read some forums and answer them. Answer some surveys for a little bit of income. I play Rules of Survival after...
  19. bienn05

    Toys and computer games

    I think being balance is the best. Just always make sure they are disciplined. You should start it first and they should learned that they are only to play that in specific times. They should not be addicted or be spoiled to play with it abusively.
  20. bienn05

    How do you guys stay positive?

    On point, buddy! Just stay away and be happy!
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